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Watch the movie trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane, a new film from Bad Robot. 10 Cloverfield Lane is coming to theatres March 11th.

Director: Dan Trachtenberg
Starring: John Goodman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, John Gallagher Jr.
Writers: Josh Campbell & Matthew Stuecken

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33 replies
  1. Miguel B
    Miguel B says:

    Duuuuddde….. there's no way Clovey isn't gonna be in this movie! Just think about it! If this is a low budget, thriller movie…. why spoil literally all the major plot points in the short trailers?!? There's really no reason to go see it if so cause WE ALREADY KNOW WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN! i believe, they are showing us the first 20 minutes or so of the movie, Just like J.J. Abrams did for the first Cloverfield movie, Star Wars Force Awakens (u knew Rey was a jedi and Finn wasn't? No? then STFU). if anyone is good at keeping secrets, it's JJ Abrams. "But he isn't the director of this movie!!!" Boy, am i going to fucking blow your mind right now. HE WASN'T THE DIRECTOR IN THE FIRST CLOVERFIELD MOVIE EITHER. Matt Reeves was. HE HAS BEEN THE PRODUCER SO FAR IN ALL CLOVERFIELD MOVIES. BAM!

  2. GSP
    GSP says:

    Soooooo I'm willing to bet, that either the Seabeds Nector or some Biological Material from the Parasites could have "deadly" effects when administered to Humans. Calling it now, This is what has made the Outside World uninhabitable: The same thing in Clover's Blood spreads as a Virus with a Wildfire Growth, and proceeded to fuck up most of the planet .

  3. TrillShvt
    TrillShvt says:

    why is this old guy tryna keep her in the bunker so bad? From what I heard he just saved her , I don't think THINK there is any blood relation here. So if she wants to go let her be, more food to last longer in the bunker. Survival of the fittest. curiosity killed the cat. Right or wrong?

  4. poopyscoopy
    poopyscoopy says:

    Now I am seriously doubting the monsters appearance. It comes out a day after my birthday (my b day is 10th march) and I thought it would be cool to see it early! But instead of wasting my money as I don't even have a job XD I'm gonna let people see it and get them to tell me if the monster from the first film is in there or if the first film ties in with it. If there is/it does, then I'll defo see it, just because of the story, even though I love the monster. If it has nothing to do with the first film, but is amazing (even though there's a budget of $5 mill and it's apparently meant to be mainly based in the bunker so I doubt it) I'll see it.

  5. Matthew Slee
    Matthew Slee says:

    Hey everybody, I got an important announcement to make, J.J Abrams said that the monster that will be in this movie will not be the "Cloverfield" monster, but an entirely new monster in the new movie.


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