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On September 11, 2001, the world watched in terror. On September 12, 2001, they volunteered to fight. Watch the new trailer for #12StrongMovie now.

Chris Hemsworth and Oscar nominee, Michael Shannon, star in 12 STRONG, a powerful new war drama from Alcon Entertainment, Black Label Media and Jerry Bruckheimer Films.

Set in the harrowing days following 9/11, a U.S. Special Forces team, led by their new Captain, Mitch Nelson (Chris Hemsworth), is chosen to be the first U.S. troops sent into Afghanistan for an extremely dangerous mission. There, in the rugged mountains, they must convince Northern Alliance General Dostum (Navid Negahban) to join forces with them to fight their common adversary: the Taliban and their Al Qaeda allies. In addition to overcoming mutual distrust and a vast cultural divide, the Americans—accustomed to state-of-the-art warfare—must adopt the rudimentary tactics of the Afghani horse soldiers. But despite their uneasy bond, the new allies face overwhelming odds: outnumbered and outgunned by a ruthless enemy that does not take prisoners.

Directed by Nicolai Fuglsig and based on the acclaimed “Horse Soldiers” book by best-selling author Doug Stanton, 12 STRONG also stars Michael Peña, Navid Negahban, Trevante Rhodes, Geoff Stults, Thad Luckinbill, Austin Stowell, Ben O’Toole, Austin Hebert, Kenneth Miller, Kenny Sheard, Jack Kesy, Laith Nakli, Fahim Fazli, Yousuf Azami, Said Taghmaoui, Elsa Pataky, William Fichtner, and Rob Riggle.

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  1. BD khan
    BD khan says:

    #This is Afghanistan, a graveyard of empires, soon america will be another tribe here. If you leave you will be coward and if you stay you will be our enemies…
    Damm true

  2. DasTemplar 96
    DasTemplar 96 says:

    Truly one of the most stunning military accomplishments in history. The actions of ODA 595 and Dostum’s fighters deserve to be in the history books and into legend. When only 12 American SF operators and roughly 200 Northern Alliance fighters took on nearly 15,000 Taliban fighters on an offensive campaign to take out one of the major Taliban strongholds in Northern Afghanistan.

    These men, outnumbered and outgunned, took on numerical superior Taliban that were armed with artillery and tanks with only horses and limited air support. Truly one of the most underrated and extraordinary accomplishment in modern warfare.

  3. Maiwand Shams
    Maiwand Shams says:

    General AR Dostum is old now and has fled Afghanistan alongside with General Atta while the Americans were leaving, though he was in a powerful position since last 20 years, he even became the 1st vice President in 2014, but he’s too old to fight now and is currently residing in turkey while the same Taliban they defeated in 2001 with American help, are in a 100% geographical control in Afghanistan even more powerful then they were in 2001. At that time they controlled 80% of the country while northern alliance had 20%, & now there’s nothing left of northern alliance.
    Much powerful, entire country under control, holding the 85 billion dollars worth artillery the US left behind, this is what USA achieved in Afghanistan in 20 years by wasting thousands of men & trillions of American tax money, congratulations. What a great way to avenge 911.

  4. Manic More Est. 2003
    Manic More Est. 2003 says:

    Shown in:
    Thank You for Your Service
    Murder on the Orient Express
    Call me by your Name
    The Shape of Water
    Father Figures
    All the Money in the World

    Also seen in the Select Prints of:
    Thor Ragnarok
    Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
    Darkest Hour

  5. Shawn Evans
    Shawn Evans says:

    I did not know this group was not known back in the USA that went into Afghanistan? I knew about them around the time they went in.

    I should watch this movie, I haven’t seen it yet.

  6. J.
    J. says:

    Way to take Tom/Jeff's song and apply it to a war against people who didn't even commit 9/11 and yet another unnecessary war we put our noses in and actually created resistance while changing hands of power for them. Vietnam 2.0

  7. derek nicholas
    derek nicholas says:

    American government finds oil in Afghanistan. Wants it. Convinces their own people to invade that country by blowing up their own towers ( that collapses straight down?). Succeeds. Afghans only fight back because of american soldiers invading their country( media calling them terrorist?). We believe it. And yet they make a false movie about it. No recommended.

  8. Robert Burch
    Robert Burch says:

    I just finished watching it and was surprised when they showed a photo of the actual ‘12 strong’. Why does Hollywood go to such lengths to be accurate as possible on the Afghanistan terrain and what the Taliban look like, but cast the Americans to fit the narrative?

  9. condorX2
    condorX2 says:

    They're so eager to be the first to go to Afghanistan. They never bring a translator to under the people there:(

    Fun facts worth sharing for educational purposes.

    The USA went out and invaded a selected Arab country in response for 9/11 when all investigations lead back to Saudi Arabia.

    Because money is more important than people.

    That's your answer!
    –Kevin Randolf

    The war in Afghan was never about 'counterterrorism'…it was all about business and using afghan as a cover for money laundering and enriching the huge military contractors and politicians, as well as proxy to destabilize the region to contain the likes of Iran, China, Russia etc.
    -Jeff L

    The millitary is America’s biggest jobs program. The idea isn’t about protecting people, but protecting corporate interests in dominating foreign resources and economies. The goal isn’t to end wars, but to keep the wars ongoing as long as possible and as profitable as possible.

    "When America wants to go to war with someone, we invent the reasons."

    For those who missed this.

    Brown University’s Costs of War Project this month released a new estimate of the total death toll from the U.S. wars in three countries: Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. The numbers, while conservatively estimated, are staggering. Brown’s researchers estimate that at least 480,000 people have been directly killed by violence over the course of these conflicts, more than 244,000 of them civilians. In addition to those killed by direct acts violence, the number of indirect deaths — those resulting from disease, displacement, and the loss of critical infrastructure — is believed to be several times higher, running into the millions.

    When the U.S. military first apologized for the botched drone strike that killed 10 civilians in Kabul, Afghanistan, including seven children, it insisted that it got one thing right: Zemari Ahmadi stopped at an “ISIS safe house.” Now, this week, the military admitted that “We have not found any particular safe house.” Our visual investigation takes you inside the misidentified home.
    –The New York Times


    March 19 marks 15 years since the U.S.-UK invasion of Iraq in 2003, and the American people have no idea of the enormity of the calamity the invasion unleashed.

    The U.S. military has refused to keep a tally of Iraqi deaths. General Tommy Franks, the man in charge of the initial invasion, bluntly told reporters, “We don’t do body counts.”

    One survey found that most Americans thought Iraqi deaths were in the tens of thousands.

    But our calculations, using the best information available, show a catastrophic estimate of 2.4 million Iraqi deaths since the 2003 invasion.

    The list is super long.
    Continues here if interested

    davidswanson warlist


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