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A simple yet proud rancher in the year 1922 conspires to murder his wife for financial gain, convincing his teenage son to participate.

#1922 is the new drama by Zak Hilditch, starring Thomas Jane, Neal McDonough and Molly Parker.

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  1. SFSomega
    SFSomega says:

    I read that story a long time ago. Was part of a Stephen King's short story book I think it was "Nightmares and Dreamscapes". And needless to say it was very awesome

  2. pratiwi
    pratiwi says:

    This movie is a perfect example of karma.. You do something bad, you will have to pay it back someday. Athough you can run from law, you can't run from karma

  3. Xo_amber 133
    Xo_amber 133 says:

    Hemingford Home is also where Abagail "Mother Abagail" Freemantle resides in Stephen King's The Stand.

    This will be Thomas Jane's third starring role in a film based on works by Stephen King. The other two being The Mist (2007) and Dreamcatcher (2003).

    "1922" is Netflix's second Stephen King adaptation, following the release of Gerald's Game (2017).

    Sixth adaptation of a story by Stephen King in 2017, followed by The Mist (2017), The Dark Tower (2017), It (2017), Gerald's Game (2017) and Mr. Mercedes (2017).

    Wilfred appears reading books twice. First "Silas Marner: The Weaver of Raveloe" novel by George Eliot, published in 1861. And secondly "The House Of The Seven Gables" written by Nathaniel Hawthorne in the 1850s.
    There is a Hemingford, Nebraska (in the northwest corner of the state) which some residents claim it to be the town mentioned in The Stand and 1922. Based on the description from the novella, Hemingford Home is likely somewhere on an arc between Norfolk and Weeping Water, in the southeast of the state.
    Based on the Stephen King novella "1922", originally published in his 2010 collection "Full Dark, No Stars".

    There are several tropes and connections to other Stephen King stories. Hordes of rats are connected to another short story named The Graveyard Shift. The well connects to the novel Dolores Claiborne. Nebraska and the cornfields are both associated with The Stand and Children of the Corn. A man being cursed for his immoral actions is similar to The Green Mile.

    "1922" is the fourth Stephen King novel or novella made into a movie in which a corn field is prominent. The others are "The Stand", "Children of the Corn", and "The Dark Tower".

    Neal McDonough plays the character Harlan. In the TV show Altered Carbon he also plays a character named Harlan, although there it is his last name.

    The part when Wilfred James was mourning for his dead son is a direct homage to a scene in The Godfather (Part 1) where Don Corleone grieves for his dead son.

    Spoiler: In the novella this movie's based on, Wilf's son robbed a bank with a teller named Rhoda Penmark. This is the same name of the female villain in the movie The Bad Seed.

    Henry suggests to Wilfred (Thomas Jane) that they use a pillow to smother his mother instead of stabbing her. Wilf refuses, saying it would be too slow and painful. In I Melt with You (2011) Jane plays a character who kills his friend with a pillow (at the friend's behest).

  4. Barth Grooks
    Barth Grooks says:

    Ok… I watched this movie on a few strong blotter hits and i started peaking like 15-25 minutes into the movie and it was a kinda scary experience. But i dont think nothing will top when I watched hereditary while I was tripping balls, it was literally horrifying, but a cool exhilarating experience. Horror(paranormal horror to be particular) movies and psychedelics are a cool combo. At least in my experience.


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