20 Things About The Umbrella Academy | Netflix

Ever wonder who *always* breaks during a take? The cast of The Umbrella Academy finally have your answer in #TUDUM …

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  1. Jewel Ruiz
    Jewel Ruiz says:

    Frank Sinatra's My Way is a good choice, Robert. However, don't sing it in the Philippines. Some Filipinos, the older generation, love this song so much that they want it to be sung right. For some reason, there were reports of folks getting shot during alcohol binging because they don't like the way someone performed the song.

  2. MsShei91
    MsShei91 says:

    I AM SOOOOO IN LOVE WITH AIDEN RIGHT NOW! Are you sure you're 18 dude? You sound like a 40! hahaha He's like an adult trapped in a boy's body even in these interviews! I just want to hug you baby Aiden you are so adorable!


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