7 Moments From SEX/LIFE That Make Us Blush | Netflix

Get ready for seven scenes from Sex/Life that toe the SFW line. Let us know which one raised your heart-rate (use a burner account if you have to.)

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7 Moments From SEX/LIFE That Make Us Blush | Netflix

A woman’s daring sexual past collides with her married-with-kids present when the bad-boy ex she can’t stop fantasizing about crashes back into her life.

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  1. The Freedom Mancave
    The Freedom Mancave says:

    Once again netflix promotes promiscuity and pushes young women to have hot girl summers. Ladies you are aware that we men are repulsed by hook up culture. We might have sex with you but we aint wifing you up. YOUR BODY COUNT MATTER

  2. Maleficent
    Maleficent says:

    As much as they look hot together, this series was really effed up. Having fantasies is not wrong at any point in a person’s life. Regardless of gender, age and marital status. The problem w/ Billie is that, she obsessed about it so much that she couldn’t even see how wrong it was to let it take over her values and integrity. Honestly this is very shocking considering she’s a phd student of psychology. I’m so sad for people who come to her w/her problems because we all saw how she refuses to go to a therapist and goes to her supervisor instead. And the male lead, omg. He has actual issues! he’s very hot but his nastiness is 1000 times more. He knows it’s wrong, we are not animals to do whatever and whenever we please, there are limits to everything. He blames his father and stepfather for so many things, but he’s an even more messed up beast. I can’t believe how much the leads lack control over their actions.

  3. Maleficent
    Maleficent says:

    If she wasn’t satisfied in bed, then she should talk about it to her husband and solve it like a normal person. The hell, she’s a psychologist. her husband read her notes and he’s dumb to ever try recreate it, when he’s not into any of em. ugh I can’t believe this show.

  4. ronie viernas
    ronie viernas says:

    The story is so stupid that his lust prevailed than to his family, I learned nothing but divorce because of lust.

    it is in favor of people who will be infatuated without thinking about the family, she sacrificed his family for the sake of lust.

    I can only say that the story is very stupid because there is no lesson. whoever makes a story lacks parental care.

    sorry if my grammar is wrong.

  5. Tim Smith
    Tim Smith says:

    This movie served as a great teaching tool for young men who are completely lost and confused with what is going on in the United States of America. Young men…get your lives in order, invest in a passport, and GTFOH so that you can find a real woman to be your wife and mother for your children.

  6. Vee Shenge
    Vee Shenge says:

    This s why men should marry younger women who have little to no sexual past. This keeps vindicated over and over again.

    Billie is the poster child of the modern woman. She is the reason why the manosphere exists.

    Don't marry women with a promiscuous past, if you can help it get a virgin.

  7. Vee Shenge
    Vee Shenge says:

    Women say they want a good man and do this shit when they get one

    Women say where are all the good men and do this shit when they get one.

    Fellas stop wifing this broads with a bad past. Just don't do it.

  8. alvaro cortez
    alvaro cortez says:

    My Dear fellow men, don't hate on this show. This is women true Nature. I'm glad shows like this get Made and we can SEE that the Red pill is Right. Take it as a documentary on hypergamy.

  9. Keith Callaway
    Keith Callaway says:

    This movie makes a good teaser flick but thats about it. The acting was average by todays standards but the story of a sexually obsessed married woman makes no sense in this case. Why oh why would a woman so sexually connected with one young man suddenly put an end to such a satisfying obsession and suddenly deside to settle down and be married with children? See what i mean? Makes no sense. It would mean the end of a nymphomaniacs life style.

  10. Honk Honk
    Honk Honk says:

    This show is literally just accidently proving the Redpill concept of alpha widowing lol. Which also by proxy proves that you don't get married to non-virgins, fellas. Granted you should get married at all because divorce and child custody courts aren't on your side. But you're just increasing your odds of being cheated on or divorced if you get with women like this.

  11. Dwiz_93
    Dwiz_93 says:

    For all you people that think having GREAT sex in a marriage is what holds it together… my roommate is going through a divorce and she says the sex was GREAT/AMAZING. Interesting twist aint it? I'm amazed with how many people think a successful relationship is based on a dopamine spike.. it really is telling why marriage is f*cked nowdays

  12. Kayla Malinga
    Kayla Malinga says:

    I hate this woman, she has a prefect husband who cares for her and still goes off to do this shit. She should just leave him so he can find someone who's on the same wavelength as him as she continues to get her heart broken by that idiot she cheated with.


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