Navalny: A Scene Anatomy

Navalny: A Scene Anatomy

Directors Guild-nominated filmmaker Daniel Roher reflects on being in the room as Alexei Navalny exposes the shocking attempt on his life.

Enthralling and intimate, director Daniel Roher’s “Navalny” unfolds with the pace of a thriller as it follows Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny in his quest to identify the men who poisoned him in August 2020. Shot in Germany as the story unfolded and offering extraordinary access to the investigation, “Navalny” is a fly-on-the-wall documentary that is also a study of Navalny the man—a portrait of a leader intent on reform who will not be cowed by anything, including his own poisoning.

NAVALNY is now streaming on HBO Max.

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  1. Vease with Eaze
    Vease with Eaze says:

    Why do I still have notifications for WB on after they abandoned Zack Snyder after rhe internet bullied him until his daughter committed suicide and omitted having RIP Autumn snyder from Joss Whedons Justice League

  2. Mad Djentah
    Mad Djentah says:

    Лучше бы нормальный монтаж Матрицы4 без куколдизма Лани выкатили, чем всякую херь постить. И вы же с России ушли, с чего такой интерес к движухам?

  3. Максим Романенков
    Максим Романенков says:

    All you need to know about Russian opposition is that there is NO Russian opposition at all. And when there is still some relatively unpopular (compared to Navalny) bloggers who are against Putin, Navalny is pushed down your throats. Putin/Navalny rivalry is 100% staged. Putin's most friendly country and politicians are Germany and Merkel and Scholz respectively. Putin worked in Germany himself. He had (or still have) connections with now defunct Stasi. And who do you think took Navalny, with Russian officials' permission (but kinda "against" their will), when Navalny was poisoned? Of ALL countries? Germany. And Merkel was visiting Navalny while he was in hospital. Merkel. Putin's best friend. Of ALL people. That poisoning was completely staged. All Navalny did is urged people in Russia DO NOT fight goverment and police and protest peacfully. He branded everything radical and extremist (all that might succeed) as unwanted and forbidden ways to fight Putin. Instead, he asked Russians to "defeat" Putin with… voting! VOTING! In Russia! It's like fighting Hitler with voting. Navalny and his team totally destroyed all the protests, oppostion and hope in Russia. Navalny is a 100% Putin's and ФСБ (FSB, Federal Security Service) project. I'm not even sure that he is really in prison right now, even though they rarely shows him in prison. But with modern technologies, you know… Or they just can take him to prison, from time to time. I don't know where he's spending the rest of the time. And Russian government and all their media (and now, the world too) is always positioning him as the only one who "fights" Putin. Except he didn't. All he did was telling Russians how much of their money was stolen by Russian government (and Russians doesn't really care), and that real protests are bad: "Don't fight the police, people, or you will go to jail! It's extremism!". He taught people how to be sheeps. They want everybody to believe in Putin/Navalny rivalry 'cause he's convenient "Putin's enemy", 'cause he will never urge people to do something radical. Russian-Ukranian war is as much Navalny and his team's fault as Putin and his government's. Because they work for government. Secretely, of course. They always asked people do not fight police, and "fight" Putin ONLY PEACEFULLY (get it?), with balloons and flashlights.

  4. malum
    malum says:

    I don't think peoples are interested about some shame attempt of liberalism on russia. We know who they are for real, stop looking for "good russian", it's a myth.


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