Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania Tickets On Sale NOW! | Marvel Minute

On this week’s Marvel Minute, we’re heading to the Quantum Zone with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, we’re bidding on some awesome Marvel TV props, and more!

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37 replies
  1. Meme Popperz
    Meme Popperz says:

    As a new animation meme YouTuber (Sub) who makes Thanos memes, i can say that this movie's gonna be Epicccc and Awesome…"Hope" Ant Man and the Wasp Quantumania will be full of Action and Kang Fight scenes!

  2. depressedspecialchild
    depressedspecialchild says:

    don't know what it is about Marvel but you suck why can't you just make a movie that is not always about women yeah it's not bad to make them but not every single time like my goodness are men even important at this time should we just kill ourselves and then let women rule the world it seems to be what Marvel's idea is and it's stupid

  3. im explen comics
    im explen comics says:

    Sentry 3 personalities void Robert Reynolds Sentry all powers based on molecular manipulation sentry powers and Abilities
    molecular manipulation
    Matter manipulation matter creation
    Soul manipulation
    Reality manipulation Reality warping
    Light manipulation
    Darkness manipulation
    Solar energy manipulation
    Empathy emotion manipulation
    Weather manipulation
    Universal manipulation
    All tape of energy manipulation
    Time manipulation
    All tape of energy absorption
    Solar energy absorption and projection and Creation and emission
    Unlimited strength
    Unlimited durability
    Unlimited stamina
    Endurance Agility Reflexes
    Resilience Dexterity intelligence Unlimited speed
    Super hearing super acuity
    Regenerative healing factor
    Complete invuinerability
    Precognition psionic powers
    Enhanced senses x.ray vision
    Electromagnetic spectrum vision
    Microscopic vision infrared vision
    Telescopic vision immortality
    indestructible energy Force Fields
    Teleportation Telekinesis Telepathy
    Astral projection invisibility intangibility shape shifting
    Mind thoughts projection
    Mind control resistance
    illusion casting power bestowal
    Resurrection Life creation
    Mid air construction death touch
    Aura detection intellect
    The powers of on million exploding suns

  4. Movielover1
    Movielover1 says:

    One film I can't wait for is Thunderbolts. The team has great characters, but they should add some more. Like Red Hulk, Songbird, Abomination, The Hood, and Zemo. Maybe throw the punisher in there too.

  5. Gabe Mark
    Gabe Mark says:

    You know aside from the descent into comedy after Phase 1, and massive deviation from some Source material (Eternals), a real good reason to stop watching MCU films is because of the fact that every character with a face concealing headgear will usually take it off or you will see their face under it more than you are supposed to actually. That's like the main thing to takes you out The Experience really


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