POV Tour | Avengers Campus Paris

During the day, Super Heroes patrol and watch over Avengers Campus Paris, looking for new recruits. But some nights, when the new recruits have left, things don’t quite go to plan…

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30 replies
  1. TheMarionick
    TheMarionick says:

    I like Marvel just fine, but it's a stain on the Disney parks. Star Wars too, but at least the Star Wars stuff looks good. They don't fit into the timeless, romantic look of the original Disney park.

  2. Daniel Paterson
    Daniel Paterson says:

    I am so confused by this. Did a bunch of MCU Avengers, many of whom have astronomical powers and abilities, assemble to… stop a few of Spider-man's spider-bots from walking around? Thor (with the help of Hyperion) was able to face off against The Beyonders, beings so powerful they are just one step below the One Above All and they have him teaming up with the Avengers to destroy some glorified remote control cars?


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