Classic 80’s Anime MUST-SEES | Anime Club | Prime Video

Anime Club president, Cheyenne Ewulu ( @CheyenneTheGeek ) is taking it back a few decades to walk us through everything 80’s anime available on Prime Video.

Titles available to stream now on Prime Video:
Goku Midnight Eye
Champion Joe
Metal Skin Panic MADOX-01


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Classic 80’s Anime MUST-SEES | Anime Club | Prime Video

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10 replies
  1. Aryan Singh Rajput
    Aryan Singh Rajput says:

    Goku Midnight Eye is so slick. definitely one of my all time favorite cyberpunk animes (and an underrated entry from Yoshiaki Kawajiri's filmography). such a shame, they never made an full show on this, considering the ending to the OVA was pretty much left ambitious and was successful enough. it also had surprisingly a good english dub, the main character voiced by Steve Blum in it. seriously everyone should at least watch the OVA once

  2. Lord Cthulhu
    Lord Cthulhu says:

    Absolutely love me some 80s anime and movies. Way before my time, but somehow nostalgic nonetheless. I guess that's the magic of retro stories.

    Some of my old school favorites are Wicked City, Bubblegum Crisis, Robotech, and Castle in the Sky.

  3. Blaze14ZX
    Blaze14ZX says:

    I've only heard it too anime on this list I've heard of midnight I've never seen an episode and I thought the boxing show was ippo instead it''s actually ishito no Joe. Which really makes sense because thar animation style was definitely pre 80s


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