Timeless | Titanic 25th Anniversary

A timeless love story.

Celebrate the 25th anniversary of Titanic in 4K 3D, in theaters for a limited time February 10.

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  1. SMW
    SMW says:

    Fingers crossed they finally upload the "My Heart Will Go On" official music video to Celine Dion's YouTube channel. It's long overdue! The song and film are both iconic. ❤

  2. Devin Dubay
    Devin Dubay says:

    ME AND DAD WAS GOING TO SEE THIS ON FEBRUARY 13th, just got my tickets this morning!!!!!!! THIS WILL BE MY FIRST TIME SEEING TITANIC IN THEATERS, BUT I HAVE SEEN THIS A COUPLE OF TIMES AT HOME!!!!!! THIS IS GOING TO BE AN EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!! Plus I was born 1 year after this movie released, 1998!!!!


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