Trust | Titanic 25th Anniversary

This Valentine’s Day, Titanic is back for a limited time in 4K 3D.

Get tickets now and see it in theaters starting February 10.

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  1. Jesse Torres
    Jesse Torres says:

    There were 2,224 people on the Titanic, but there was only enough space on the 20 lifeboats for 1,178 (or about 53%) of them, & yet only 710 (or about 32%) people survived the sinking of the ship. Also, if you haven't already, look up "A Night To Remember" on YouTube since it's essentially the Titanic movie that was made 40 years before Cameron's.

  2. Pharmit24
    Pharmit24 says:

    Gonna watch it first time in the cinema! Can't wait! I was 3 years old when this movie came out, watched it in VHS tape and my sister had Titanic poster on her door.

  3. SMW
    SMW says:

    Hope they finally release the official My Heart Will Go On music video for the 25th anniversary of Titanic. It should be uploaded to Celine Dion’s YouTube channel – loooong overdue! ❤️ Iconic song for an iconic film.

  4. zandorando
    zandorando says:

    I was 1 yr ild when this film came outand on its 2012 release i was only a student so i did not see ut in theaters. Now, I watched in at home 100 times but I'm not gonna let this time miss it in theaters! It must be a great experience to see this on a big screen

  5. E G
    E G says:

    Every time this gets re-released in theatres, I go and see it; it doesn't matter how many times I've seen this movie! This is one movie that is worth seeing on the big screen every time, and it never gets old. Already bought my ticket for the Feb 10 showing.


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