Magic Mike’s Legacy Featurette

We soaked in every drop of “It’s Raining Men” and giddied up to “Pony” so why not join us in honoring the legacy of Magic Mike with his “Last Dance.” Celebrate his final tease only in theaters this Friday. #MagicMikesLastDance

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  1. Kolben Junior
    Kolben Junior says:


  2. CagedPhoenixThe1st
    CagedPhoenixThe1st says:

    Favorite sub-zero costume: original, deception, main mkx. Mk9 (Honorable mentions) his ice mask in mkx "but I wish it wasn't so glowy." Icy arms or icy veiny arms. clear White or blue eyes. Injustice 2's icy ribcage & ice shoulders. Mk4 ice legs.

    Favorite sub-zero special: ice ball. ice slide (especially mk11 enhanced.) Mkx cold blooded. mkx unbreakable. mkx's barrier of Frost or any ice parry. Mkx Standing over head hammer. Mk4 Bone breaker. cyber sub-zero dive kick. ice clone (when done right.) Gotta be a better method then having no ice clone come out because your opponent is too close, and now you get punished for making the right move.

    Favorite sub-zero weapon: mkx ice daggers (cold blooded.) mkx ice hammer.

    Favorite sub-zero round lose animation: mk11 coughing ice. 

    Favorite sub-zero fight intro: mk9. both angles of mkx's. mk11 winter storm. Injustice 2.

    Favorite sub-zero round win animation: mk9 ice slide, mk9 cyber sub-zero ice hover. Mk9 ice coming from hands. both of mkx's. Every mk 11 one, except the jumping axe one & teleporting ice clone.

    Favorite sub-zero normal throws: mk11 forward throw, mk9 (has same forward and backwards throw.) Mk4 one arm throw, mk deception. mk deadly alliance. Mk Armageddon. 

    Favorite sub-zero idle stance: mk 1& 2. mk9-cyber sub-zero. mk deception & deadly alliance shotokan stance. mk shaolin monks.

    Favorite sub-zero character select animation: mkx. 

    Favorite sub-zero win pose: injustice 2, mkx, all of mk11. mk9. mk1 & 2.

    Favorite sub-zero fatality: mk 1, both mk2's, mk3 ice breath, mk trilogy ice spike, both mk deception, mk shaolin monks ice slide, mk vs DC ice kick, mk9 (ice) spine rip, mk9 cyber sub-zero shiriken, all mkx, mk11 ice slide. 

    Favorite sub-zero x-ray: none but love his start-up for mkx & 9. Hate that it has armour, tho. It doesn't make sense, when you can hold it, as a counter. If you opponent hits the armor then he/she doesn't get frozen from the parry.

    What I would like to see from whatever version of cryomancer we'll be seeing from what looks like will be another soft reboot is:

    Looks: a look that incorporates OG ninja attire, with sub-zero's mk deception/mkx/mk9 look, also Something similar to scorpion's mk deception and mkx look (for sub-zero.) All white or all blue eyes. ice arms/shoulders/ribcage/legs (Mk4) or noticably icy veins. Ice aura. More sleek looking mask. If we get a female sub-zero, ice hair like Frost. Ice mask that looks like actual ice, instead of a bright blue, ice tray. 

    Moves: a command grab. two ice weapons moves total, in his combo list for stance 1. A weapon Stance change for more use of weapons, Preferably just his hammer & dual daggers. Parry/counter. More settle x-ray (sometimes less is more.) A grab where he holds you down and hits you repeatedly with an ice rock, that gets bigger with each hit (3 hits.)

    Visually pleasing gameplay aesthetics: something like his mkx's select screen character pick. For his losing animation, he deeply exhales cold air, forming ice on the ground, then breaks it with a hammer fist before getting up. For a win animation, If he's a safe distance away, makes and sits on an ice throne ( maybe even saying, it's not that cold.)


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