Designing Every Ant-Man Suit in the MCU!

Marvel Studios’ Director of Visual Development, Andy Park, discusses the evolution of Ant-Man’s designs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

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38 replies
  1. piplup2009
    piplup2009 says:

    My favourite is the futuristic civil war suit, not a fan of the tech in quantumania where the helmet can turn into nothing instantly, at least spiderman had to wear a tent-sized suit and shrink it so it fit him

  2. Henry Louis
    Henry Louis says:

    Not gonna lie, the last suit just felt overly busy and they could've just simplified the suits while adding enough material and detail for it to feel modern and fit in the MCU but instead, it was just very overdesigned with unnecessary detail.

  3. Justice Productions
    Justice Productions says:

    Yo I love marvel but even in phase 3 I was saying not everyone needs an upgrade each film. Characters like vision were unique to me because they stayed consistent. The MCU should mix it up and keep some the same. They’d probably save money too hahah

  4. Tj Abbott
    Tj Abbott says:

    This has nothing to do with the video but marvel your really going down hill with these movies and shows your saying your gonna get better but you guys are doing the opposite still and you guys are recasting in the new daredevil show like keep the same people like this the problem you guys switch up way too much like stop listen to the people and stop listening who ever your listening to cause there restarted sorry but not sorry get better or I’m definitely not gonna be a fan any more and that sucks bc I was a fan in the beginning and I love marvel but your movies and shows are just trash rn

  5. Daniel Loves Art
    Daniel Loves Art says:

    The suits for the hero's in quantumania are awful. There's too many lines and segmentations, that rather than it having a patterned and coherent feeling, it's over the top, distracting, and just an eye sore. Civil War, and Ant-man 2's suits were the best variations of the suit when aiming for a more refined appearance.

    Cassie's suit is probably the worst out of the three, having an extremely boring unoriginal design that does little to separate her from Scott and Hope, with the most lines and segmentations.

    Hope's is easily the best, and is a suit that I love due to it's bright yellow plating amongst a lot of black fabric and leather, giving it an actual wasp like appearance! However, it still has an unreasonable amount of segmentations and patches that make it distracting, as well as random patches of blue that add nothing to the overall appearance of the suit. It is so frustrating that it is so close to perfect, but then it fumbles so hard. You guys have a hard job, and I seriously respect the work you do, since as we know now, Marvel puts you under a lot of pressure with short time spans, and a lack of confirmation on which designs will be used in film, but it's still really disappointing seeing suit like these ones. And, who knows, maybe this is something you need to show to the directors and Kevin Feige, since they'd probably have more control over how things turn out.

  6. Stevie Obie
    Stevie Obie says:

    He earned the nickname "Antman" because he loves to spend his free time in the backyard eating ants.

    When he was a kid, his parents thought he may be mentally disabled so they had him checked out.

    It started oonce he was with his friends. They were all sitting, enjoying a picnic, when he suddenly felt something crawling on his hand. Without thinking, he instinctively popped the crawling thing into his mouth and swallowed it.

    His friends were horrified and asked him what he had just eaten. He replied: "I don't know, it was just a little ant!" Everyone burst out laughing.

    From that day on, he was known as the "Ant-Man" among his friends, and they always made sure to make fun of him for it.

  7. KlaymenDel
    KlaymenDel says:

    I hate what MCU has done to suits recently. Especially these nano helmets that just come on and off with a tilt of a head. Make suits reals goddaming. In Infinity War it made sense for the Iron Man to reach this final form, he does upgrade his suits with each new movie. But now all I see is just laziness and lack of creativity

  8. Michael Green
    Michael Green says:

    Wake up! "The message" of Diversity was meant to provide more roles (in television and movies) for minorities and LGBTQ with the promise of higher box offices. This has proved false! Movie Box offices have declined and streaming Services have collapsed. Abandon THE WOKE diversity MYTH. It does not work! Wake up!


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