A League of Their Own – Official Trailer | Prime Video

Their game. Their rules. The new #LeagueOfTheirOwn series hits home August 12th on Prime Video. #FindYourTeam

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A League of Their Own – Official Trailer | Prime Video

Prime Video

#ALeagueOfTheirOwn #PrimeVideo

25 replies
  1. jenkel1378
    jenkel1378 says:

    You guys are hilarious. There is nothing wrong with turning a great movie into a series. It is entertainment, and it happens all the time. They aren’t trying to out-do the original classic movie. Seems like a bunch of people who love to whine and complain. If you don’t like it don’t watch it, literally no one cares….

  2. magekazin
    magekazin says:

    ok yes late to the party but here is my two cents. what bothers me the most is how little the creators care about history. Jackie Robinson is one of the most important people in sports history. the bravery for being the first black athlete in professional baseball. that would happen years after this story your show is taking place. I'm all for inclusion in all things, but if you are doing a historical show, you must honor the history of the time period or don't do the show at all.

  3. Kenny FOOL
    Kenny FOOL says:

    Excited for this! The original always felts so shallow, like it didn’t want to get its hand dirty about what it actually wanted to say when it came to sexism in women’s sports. The main actress isn’t a debutant, and there are black and queer women included? Which is crazy cus they were there historically just no one wants to talk about it cus they are too “sensitive” to hear facts about the past that doesn’t fit into their narrow minded view. This looks amazing!!! So exited gonna watch it over and over and tell everyone else to too!


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