ABSOLUTE CARNAGE Trailer | Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics is about to unleash Absolute Carnage! This all-encompassing Venom event is poised to shake the symbiote world to its core. Get the latest on this story in an all-new trailer featuring Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski, Editor Devin Lewis, and writer Donny Cates!

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45 replies
  1. Victor Cruz
    Victor Cruz says:

    I hate the art style of this comic. What happened to the talented artists of the 90s? Did they die? This art style reminds me of the Jackie Chan Adventures lol

  2. Blood Red
    Blood Red says:

    I don't think I can consider Carnage as a villain since like he's such a likeable piece of absolute destruction,and I love the way he fights and is just so badass,

  3. JusRaeDae
    JusRaeDae says:

    Disney Writer/Comics Writer – “I guarantee not everyone is gonna make it out…”

    Also Disney Writer/Comic Writers in General – “No one’s ever really gone…”

  4. Phantom9252
    Phantom9252 says:

    Love the idea of this. Seems like an excellent way to reintroduce Carnage to the Marvel U and refocus on the whole serial killer thing. I've always said Carnage is basically a slasher movie villain living in a super hero world.
    My only complaint is I feel Carnage is better as a Spider-Man villain than a Venom one. I don't like Eddie Venom as an anti-hero anyway but there was a time when Peter would have the darker tone stories of dealing with regular crime and serial killers and I wish Marvel would let the Spider-Man books bounce between the light and dark tones like they used too. Venom be Carnage is just dark vs dark which to me isn't as interesting as Spider-Man vs Carnage which like I said is super hero vs slasher villain.


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