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Action Breakdown – Sicario | The Terminal List | Prime Video

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19 replies
  1. Joey Vee
    Joey Vee says:

    My favorite is when a Navy seal Captain put on a Suicide Claymore vest and killed the commanding officer his own office inside a naval installation full of soldiers, San Diego U.S. of A…you never see that in any I mean any Navy seal tv show or movie.

  2. PnMGunReview
    PnMGunReview says:

    Prime video is so bipolar. Most days are just middle-of-the-road. Then you get the crazy swings… for every Reacher and Terminal List they always make a 1-Up and LOTRTROP.

  3. Ey DK
    Ey DK says:

    This, The Tick, and Reacher are the only shows that are the only shows that I thoroughly liked. Upload kind of gets borderline but I like it enough, same with Mad Dogs but it has a lot of unusual moments.


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