Ad Astra | “Lima Project” Clip | 20th Century FOX

On Digital December 3
On Blu-ray December 17
A paranoid thriller in space that follows Roy McBride (Brad Pitt) on a mission across an unforgiving solar system to uncover the truth about his missing father and his doomed expedition that now, 30 years later, threatens the universe.

Directed by: James Gray

Written by: James Gray & Ethan Gross

Produced by: Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, James Gray, Anthony Katagas, Rodrigo Teixeira, Arnon Milchan

Cast: Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones, Ruth Negga, Liv Tyler and Donald Sutherland

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Ad Astra | “Lima Project” Clip | 20th Century FOX

47 replies
  1. Kleist
    Kleist says:

    Kinda surprised to see that their version of the patch of US Space Com is actually pretty close to the actual one. Note that US Space Com was probably established after this movie finished filming.

  2. claysmell
    claysmell says:

    "All life as we know it…" Okay whatever, same old same old script. Barf. But Brad Pitt is the man, and even though the premise is tired and dumb, it looks like it will be a fun watch.

  3. Uno G
    Uno G says:

    Just saw it. it's a bit like 2001 a space odyssey without the music , a bit like gravity without Sandra, a bit like Oedipus without the mum.
    It's the movie Freud would have made. If you're into all that don't miss it.

  4. Ivanhoe 2020
    Ivanhoe 2020 says:

    Interesting movie rather a drama than Sci Fi with great effects , though some details really don't match. Pitt's EVA helmet is an obsolete USAF pressure
    helmet of the 60's , ditching the antenna from space without the life support pack unit and O2 does not make any sense nor crew quick don USAF MBU-12/P
    O2 mask is used on space flights .Again great effects and good casting exiting idea slightly copied from "Apocalypse Now " and imagination of futuristic
    Space travel. Time again as in "Allied " Pitt is working hard to send some messages to his last ex !

  5. Tony Ke
    Tony Ke says:

    Best lines from this clip:
    1) "Major, what can you tell us about the Lima Project?"
    2) "Now major, what I'm about to tell you might come as a shock to you… we believe your father is still alive"
    3) "Now what's happening out there, is a crisis of unknown magnitude"

  6. Laya Lumpar
    Laya Lumpar says:

    They sent him to Mars so he can record there the message for his father. Couldn't they just record it on Earth, send the message to Mars to redirect the message from Mars to Neptune?

  7. Cloudy Gor
    Cloudy Gor says:

    US space comm has the most boring military uniform in the history of mankind.. black tie, black dress, grey jacket with no declarations on display, even people working funeral houses have more contrast.


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