AERO: Before the Storm Trailer | Marvel Comics

Take flight with one of the New Agents of Atlas! It’s the English-language debut of the first appearance of Aero, the soaring Super Hero from China! When she’s not fighting monsters with her wind powers, Aero is Shanghai-based architect Lei Ling.

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24 replies
  1. Joshu 99
    Joshu 99 says:

    If Spiderman goes berserk by death aunt May, he's gonna kill all the criminals, until Ironman, Aero, and Mrs Marvel tries to stop him.
    And i hope Aero will face Spiderman bring him to the light and having relationship about his past.

  2. 紫藤
    紫藤 says:

    Her powers is manipulation of air, basically everything u can think of on how air can be use as power for crime fighting and saving the world. She can create all kinds of air attacks, even can create air swords and air force field for defense, destroy alive building monster with i guess intense air pressure that can cut through hard objects. She can feel people's movement through air, able to tell what's their actions and where a person is. She can fly of course, but her costume and her body double made of air?? I mean sure in the comic world, it doesn't have to folllow exact science but still, i can't figure out the logic how air, that is totally transparent, is able to take shape of her superhero costume covering her civilian clothes and create a "clone" of herself from… AIR??! Doesn't feel physically possible and it's like defying all logic. Can Marvel explain how this can be possible? Anyway…. She's pretty much an air bender, reminds me of avatar: the last airbender.

  3. katrina kaif
    katrina kaif says:

    AERO is like a Katrina kaif character zoya in Tiger zinda Hai she's must play this character wooow Black hair, white skin, attractive beauty Marvel You must cooperate with Bollywood Actress Katrin kaif

  4. Marko Marinic
    Marko Marinic says:

    Could be the best new Female Marvel-Superhero since She-Hulk. And she is already yet far better then all "new" Female Marvel-Heroes of the last 10 Years. That just shows you, give me original and interesting Characters and they will make sooner or later Success.


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