Alabama Snake (2020): Official Trailer | HBO

It’s not a story you hear every day: religion, relationships, and murder.

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Alabama Snake (2020): Official Trailer | HBO

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  1. Dana McC
    Dana McC says:

    I thank God for the Pentecostals… they do have a high tolerance to snake venom, so they can administer holy intervention when need be. People do not consider how dangerous serpents are until it’s too late!! Their patterns are created in high radiation to hypnotize and create false images that you can’t unsee. The venom can be used for unlawful mind control—watch out! Snakes are aware of portal shapes and radiation travel… the tongues have been known to be used for electrical programming…

  2. Tim Barry
    Tim Barry says:

    Glenn Summerford… ahhh, yes I remember the man well. I was his assistant pastor shortly before all this went on. I was a little surprised at a few things he did or said during that time I was around him. I visited him at his residence in an isolated location out in the fields behind the Randall's Chapel in east Scottsboro. I still recall being right beside him when he brought out the snakes. I wasn't afraid of them but I didn't dare take one. He did offer me a snake one night but I declined. I recall his laughing. But I must say being where I was, I saw and learned things while helping him. I recall the last time I saw him and his wife in person. I remember what was happening at that moment. I knew it was against what he preached. I smelled liquor on his breath. He asked me to not tell anyone and I never did. It wasn't long after that when I heard the news. It could have been the same night Darlene got snake bit. Glenn was a powerful preacher that got lead astray and became as one of the fallen. By now some of the readers will know exactly who I am.

  3. Guy Saunders
    Guy Saunders says:

    When did this happen, the 1800's? There are 6 different kinds of lethal snakes in Alabama, and that paramedic couldn't radio ahead and say "We got a snakebite here, do you have anti-venom. OVER"

  4. Hiding Atm
    Hiding Atm says:

    Grew up around Scottsboro. I have never heard of this story.
    Just watched it's pretty good. I use to hear stories about daemons running out of people.
    One story I liked the most came from my step-grandma. When she was a little girl in church. A women bust into church while they were singing. Runs up to the podium at a inhumanly speed where the preachers is and starts screaming at him. The whole church stopped singing. At first the scream was ear piercing. Even the preachers ear started to bleed. Then she just started yelling insults and cursing. Some people were about to leave but, the preacher told them calm down she couldn't hurt them in the church. The preacher tells everyone to keep singing and ignore her. She described this women in raggedy cloths and long dirty finger nails. After the song was over this women bends backwards and crab runs out of the church. When that happen the rain stopped and the sun appeared. She swears that is a true story. Take note this women didn't own a TV or watch movies and, this "happened" like in the late 50's. In a small rural church with maybe 20-30 people. So she had little influences. She also doesn't tell stories like this or kinda at all. She has only told that to people in her family. She still has nightmares about that day. I think she discovered the early crackhead in Alabama.

  5. Nicholas Swain
    Nicholas Swain says:

    I lived in Scottsboro from the years of 2000 untill 2006, I definitely heard about this but never witnessed it or knew anyone involved. It wasn't widespread or popular it is was secular. As a disclaimer this does not represent the people of Scottsboro.


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