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Alien 5: Romulus (2024) is the new science fiction movie starring Cailee Spaeny, Isabela Merced and Archie Renaux.

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27 replies
  1. Chad MDZ
    Chad MDZ says:

    Again, why must Hollywood try to improve on something that didn't need improving. Are they going to make everything look more modern and high tech or are they going to keep the analog tech visualization that we loved.

  2. Parma Dacruz
    Parma Dacruz says:

    My idea for an alien tv-series is as follows: It takes places just before the events in the first alien movie and happens on a planet near where the nostromo spaceship

    is shipping ore.Weyland-Yutani is on the planet and have terraformed it for years,when they discovers a cave with lots of xenomorph eggs.

    One of them get's infected and a xenomorph is born. It turns out to be a queen,and a lot of the Weyland-Yutani humans are infected and then

    a war breaks out.All the humans on the planet are wiped out and only a few manage to escape in a spaceship.Then they nuke the planet from orbit.

    Then Weyland-Yutani regrets the decision and a hunt for the xenomorph begins.They get a tip that there's a crashed spaceship on lv426 and sends

    the robot Ash on the Nostromo spaceship.But they are informed that the mission has failed and that Nostromo has gone missing.Then Weyland-Yutani get's

    a tip about an xenomorph on Fiorina161 and sends a team of researchers there.They finds a surviving prisoner that is impreagnated and a queen is born.

    Weyland-Yutani then wants to use the xenomorphs on the planets where the engineers are located because they want the technology to seed planets with life.

    They also want the elixir that provides humans with prolongued life.After they have managed to give birth to a flock of xenomorphs,they drops them

    on an engineer planet and causes everyone of them to die.Then they get hold of the blue elixir that gives

    prolongued life.But several ships with engineers that where away from their planet when Weyland-Yutani wiped the

    population out,pursue them and manages to get the elixir back,but gets trapped on the planet where both parties

    crash.Then a battle takes place and the crew from Weyland-Yutani gets the elixir that gives them prolongued life

    for thousands of years,but they are now trapped on the planet,with no means to get anywhere.But then

    they see a light aproaching,but is the spaceship friends or foes ?

  3. bored
    bored says:

    I wish they’d make Alien sequels based on the Dark Horse comics or just stick with a story about one person trying to survive, like the first film.

    An actress like, Mia Goth would be my first pick.

  4. Bryan Cz
    Bryan Cz says:

    Young as in what.. teenagers? That's kinda stupid if that's it.. for many reasons.
    I mean yeah go ahead put them in for certain rolls but if it's the majority or they are super scientist or doctors, then yeah thats unrealistic and will definitely flop for extreme cringe.
    Seriously gotta stop pandering towards kids for rolls that are not meant to be. In my 20's now and I always saw this as a teen myself Aswell.


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