All the Old Knives – Official Trailer | Prime Video

A modern-day espionage thriller that follows Henry (Chris Pine) as he investigates Celia (Thandiwe Newton), a past flame from their days as CIA intelligence officers in Vienna, who is now under suspicion of having been a double agent. Using flashbacks to weave together multiple timelines, All the Old Knives peels back the layers of their past romance and exposes the truth behind a devastating terrorist attack they were unable to stop.

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All the Old Knives – Official Trailer | Prime Video

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25 replies
  1. FdL
    FdL says:

    "Present day" Chris Pine gave me American Pierce Brosnan vibes. I hated his character by the end of the film, though.
    And this is the first time I noticed that the actress' name i's now spelled "Thandiwe" instead of "Thandie" (it began with Reminiscence).

  2. LalaLand
    LalaLand says:

    [Spoiler alert] I just watched the movie, enjoyed and was wondering if the kid she took in her arms at the end could be Henry's one from the way scenes are put together: Celia hanging the little girl then flashbacks of Henry and her in bed after intense love and before she left him 8y before.

  3. Waleed B.
    Waleed B. says:

    Just watched the movie man I like it too but I hated the anti-Muslim propaganda it pushes. The part where on the high jacked plane the terrorist preaches in Arabic about how Islam condones killing of innocents (completely false btw) says to one of the hostages who looks like a Muslim sheikh or imam that he’s sure the sheikh understands and is willing to die for this cause! This is HEINOUS!! I was born in the Middle East and lived (not only visited) in at least 6 countries I have NEVER met someone who would die for such a cause! I guarantee that if it was real the sheikh would be the first to be shot by the terrorists.


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