Amazing Spider-Man: Go Down Swinging TEASER TRAILER

It’s the Spidey story that’s been ten years in the making, and one that will shake fans to their core – this March, Dan Slott and Stuart Immonen bring you the start of the biggest and most harrowing Spider-Man arc yet, with GO DOWN SWINGING!

Take a moment to re-live one of the most epic rivalries in comic history, as Spider-Man faces off against his nemesis, the Green Goblin…but this story is about more than just Norman Osborn…

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24 replies
  1. Christian Khoury
    Christian Khoury says:

    The only good stuff Slott did were Spider-Verse(Which I love), The clone Conspiracy was good but spider-verse was better It’s mostly good caus they brought back Scarlet Spider and…Scarlet Spider?! And Venom Inc right now is awesome I love it you should read it, and I am exited for this looks cool and also didn’t read Superior Spider-Man but sounds cool oh and he also had a smart way of bringing back Flash Thompson in Venom Inc.

  2. Jon Morris
    Jon Morris says:

    Oh Thank God. At least someone new will write a full service change for Peter going onwards. So long as the end goal is: Peter and MJ get back together by the time they announce the MCU casting of MJ in the Spider-Man: Homecoming films

  3. Chinok
    Chinok says:

    If this is the final Slott story then I hope he doesn't kill Spidey again. Once was enough. Maybe Norman will make a deal with Mephisto to take down Spider-man.

  4. Mrstobastoba
    Mrstobastoba says:

    Where is all this coming from about Slott leaving? Was it confirmed? Also while everyone seems to have the guy I enjoyed some of his arcs. The Superior Spider-Man and Spider-Verse especially. Say what you want about the guy but at least he takes risks

  5. Austen Beaver
    Austen Beaver says:

    I have a theory. What if the Red Goblin is a result of a deal between Norman Osborn and Mephisto and when Peter defeats him it undoes One More Day? It would be a great sendoff for Dan Slott. One of the most hated Spiderman writers leave and we get the marriage back that we have wanted for years. I mean seriously, Spiderman and Mockingbird?

  6. ptthunder
    ptthunder says:

    Wow, what's with all the hate for Dan Slott?? Sure, he's an insecure jerk on twitter, but his Doc Ock/Peter switch story was one of the best story arcs in the history of Spider-man!

  7. Jawa With A Gun
    Jawa With A Gun says:

    Now this is how you end The Amazing Spiderman comic book run. I loved the Superior Spiderman story but man did Otto "killing" Peter and taking over his identity for (at the time) the final 700th issue of this comic feel like a massive slap in the face. Glad this is the proper ending to The Amazing Spiderman.


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