AMC FearFest 2020 Official Teaser | Premieres Oct 1

Brace yourself for a season of chills, thrills and kills. AMC’s FearFest begins Thursday, October 1 on-air, online and on AMC+.

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AMC FearFest 2020 Teaser

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34 replies
  1. Tim Chavis
    Tim Chavis says:

    Thank you for making it ALL MONTH LONG!!!! Can y'all please start showing more horror movies from the 60s, 70, and 80s: you know the real "american movie classics"

  2. Tim Chavis
    Tim Chavis says:

    It is ALWAYS tradition for me to watch ALL the Friday the 13th movies and ALL the old Halloween movies this time of year to get into the Halloween spirit lol!!! I absolutely love FearFest and Halloween time

  3. Native Star
    Native Star says:

    I DEMAND we get the original Halloween 2 & H3 season of the witch this year. F**K Halloween Resurrection, F**K THAT BULLS**T. Don’t ever show resurrection again……..

  4. Halo Natemie
    Halo Natemie says:

    I’ve been watching a lot of supernatural that these gore, fear, and horror now don’t exist but it’s just a ghost in its natural state and environment that either possessed or exist.

  5. Erickah Combs
    Erickah Combs says:

    I love that it lasts all month. But can yall play something other than Michael Myers all the time. Damn I get tired of seeing it in constant rotation. What about The Thing, Saw, Alien, Signs?

  6. Kermit and the luigi Friends
    Kermit and the luigi Friends says:

    AMC you should include these movies this year, Stephen kings it (1990) version and 2017 version, all the saw movies, the original and remake of the Texas chainsaw massacre, cloverfield, the original dawn of the dead, the evil dead movies, sharknado, and psycho also bring back the person that announces the promos


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