Anatomy of a Scandal | Official Trailer | Netflix

Privilege is about to be put on trial…
Based on the bestselling novel by Sarah Vaughan, “Anatomy of a Scandal” is an insightful and suspenseful series about privilege and sexual consent. From the creator of “Big Little Lies” and “The Undoing”, this six-part series stars Sienna Miller, Michelle Dockery, Rupert Friend, Naomi Scott and Josette Simon.
Coming to Netflix on 15th April.


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Anatomy of a Scandal | Official Trailer | Netflix

Sophie’s privileged life as the wife of powerful politician James unravels when scandalous secrets surface — and he stands accused of a shocking crime.

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  1. tech.dr
    tech.dr says:

    "I know my husband, he's a good man.

    He is a man."

    Everyone seems to love this dialogue. I don't understand why. Can someone please explain it.

  2. Let It Roll
    Let It Roll says:

    Good story and series.
    The Holly character was not only thinner than Kate, she was shorter, heavy breasted and had full lips. Not a believable match for Michelle Dockery. Still a very good story.

  3. Mrdev Dev3
    Mrdev Dev3 says:

    I don't understand katty..she said it was rape ..but what I see it was her consent…both were different thing's…even after that he asked her you ok? She said yes… what's this plot…

  4. Adnic Dis
    Adnic Dis says:

    If you are here trying to decide if you should watch this or not, I'm telling you DAMN RIGHT YOU SHOULD. It is a masterpiece. If I'm wrong feel free to tell me. Now go and enjoy

  5. Sarumoh Bolu
    Sarumoh Bolu says:

    And someone once asked a stupid question. Who is more precious to me? My wife or my mother? A mothers love is unconditional. A wife or husband’s fake love is littered with sometimes even senseless conditions. Miss my dad (God rest his soul) and love my mom. Thanks for making me the man I am

  6. Lynn Duvall
    Lynn Duvall says:

    It’s regrettable that, judging by the comments, so many young people are so cynical, almost fatalistic about intimate relationships. Of course, you want to be realistic but prejudging can make you paranoid and set you up to fail.

  7. Pawtile
    Pawtile says:

    Can I have spoiler? What is the "horrifying crime" that the dude is accused of? I really don't wanna watch it, cause I have almost 100 other things to watch xD

  8. To Be Dasha
    To Be Dasha says:

    This show is really bad. First 2-3 episodes caught my attention, however the second half of the show was very predictable and annoying. I like Michelle Dockery but she was very annoying in this role. Having read all the excited comments I decided to watch the show, but I really cannot see why so many people liked it.

    SPOILER: the main character was not convincing as a rapist. The actor did a great job though. The problem is with the plot. The worst part where this show lost me was when Michelle Dockery, the prosecution lawyer, turned out to be this college girl who the main character supposedly raped. That was a very bad twist.

  9. MrGriff305
    MrGriff305 says:

    The way the story unfolds is so very basic, and some of the dialogue is just cheesey. It's one of those stories that might've worked as a book, but seeing the dialogue acted out lacks depth and believability.


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