Anne Boleyn Official Trailer | Streaming AMC+ Exclusively on Dec 9th

Anne Boleyn (Jodie Turner-Smith) explores life from the eponymous Queen’s perspective, as she struggles to secure a future for her daughter and to challenge the powerful patriarchy closing in around her. Anne Boleyn premieres December 9 exclusively on AMC+.

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Anne Boleyn Official Trailer

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28 replies
  1. Tianen Chen
    Tianen Chen says:

    All white leftists are western-centric, if you dive deeper. They cannot care less about shooting a movie of a black princess of a Sub-Saharan African civilization. All they want is to present you western stories with non-white faces to show you how virtuous that themselves are. It has never been about non-whites. It has always been about some whites who think they are better than everyone else. From racial superiority to moral superiority.

  2. Jens Drejer
    Jens Drejer says:

    This is simply too weird. I think Jodie Turner-Smith should apologize ASAP just as many white actors have been forced to apologize for playing different ethnic caracters in recent years.

  3. Cindy
    Cindy says:

    People are angry that Cleopatra isn't going to be played by someone with dark skin. But those same people won't call out this 100% inaccurate depiction of Anne Boleyn?

  4. Yoyo Ip
    Yoyo Ip says:

    I want to see a Elizabeth Bathory movie where she is played by a black actress, and see the SJW outrage because ‘Black people can't be evil’

    Or a Hitler movie with a black actor as Hitler

  5. George Tenev
    George Tenev says:

    That is twisted…. Imagine the conversation before the show was created:
    – Ok people, we need something to grab the attention of all viewers! Some historical or fantasy shit… I dunno.
    – Oh, let's do Anne Boleyn!
    – You serious? There are like 20 movies about Henry the VIII and his wives…
    – I know! Let's make her black!

  6. TiaMystic
    TiaMystic says:

    I’m PISSED because this isn’t our culture! I’m not blaming the actress she’s just coming to get her paycheck. I looked it up and a white woman directed this. Feel free to insert the quote on white liberals spoken by Malcom X here. They don’t truly care about us, they couldn’t give a damn to learn about Africa’s many kings and queens and make a series about them! I have NEVER seen African history represented on television. How about these liberal producers educate themselves on something new and bother to make something new, because putting us into historically European societies is not diversity, it is not helping the black community to find themselves and have a sense of belonging. I’m gonna apologize to The Little Mermaid remake now, at least Ariel’s a fictional person.

  7. AnnieGee
    AnnieGee says:

    facts are facts Boleyn was white, Malcolm x was black, Buddha was brown, chairman mao was yellow, if thats what people are colours…..not human or a being…..a black person originates from africa…they can never be from scandinavia or a viking…..Fact…..dont change history …..dont false people to believe a black queen or king of england to be politically correct S**T….same as your are a male you cannot physically have babies from body you havent a womb…if you did you are a wom(b)man…..

  8. The Emperor
    The Emperor says:

    Would love to see a civil war movie where all the generals and politicians that were about seceding from the union are all played by black men because you know we need diversity and inclusion and having black men portraying a slaves is very problematic


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