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Watch the teaser trailer for #Annihilation starring Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson, Tuva Novotny, and Oscar Isaac. In theatres 2.23.18.

Hashtag: #Annihilation

Based on Jeff VanderMeer’s best-selling Southern Reach Trilogy, Annihilation stars Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson, Tuva Novotny and Oscar Isaac. It was written and directed by Alex Garland (Ex Machina, 28 Days Later).

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  1. You're Welcome!
    You're Welcome! says:

    Okay so from this trailer I could not grasp the plot. Is this going to be one of the movies where I am confused the whole film n still don't understand what happened and what it was about at the end? Can someone please explain the plot

  2. ErwinSchrodinger64
    ErwinSchrodinger64 says:

    Movie was incredible. It has thought proving thoughts and the ending, unless you understand 4-D fractal geometry, it will be trippy as hell. Movie is for sci-fi heads and not the mindless idiots who like eye candy. Can't wait to purchase the film on Blu-Ray.

    SYNAPTIK says:

    Has anyone else noticed right at the end when the alien squats down as if taking a dump the bass heavy music sounds like a fart. One of the most unintentionally funny moments I've seen in a long time .we were in hysterics. How did they allow this into the film after hour and half of serious sci-fi there's this alien squatting and farting. Had to share. Still laughing.

  4. Bearded Elder
    Bearded Elder says:

    2018. Leftist nonsense managed to be jammed into the movie and race thing is pushed here as well. Professor cheating with black guy. I bet it was asked to be in scenario and sending in team of women instead of mixed crew like muscles and brains. Not to mention some other holes in the story and how things were done. Great idea for the sci-fi movie ended up as mediocre movie.

  5. Артём Громбовец
    Артём Громбовец says:

    Сначала появилась Древняя жизнь затем жизньполу затем человек человек юн я за такой порядок юность и жизнь нужно беречь Спасибо Древним Добрым Мирам … .

  6. Luis Cavalcanti
    Luis Cavalcanti says:

    Bears? Crocodiles? Why not lions, hyenas? Elephants? What else? They’re plenty of other animals to include. The movie started nicely (despite the pace of sequence of events which for me, it was too fast. But then after the so called”wall” hmmm and then when the animals started to show up I was like “I’m way too hard for this”. Full of technology and lack of logic.
    I’ve been a huge fan of Netflix since the beginning but the own channel has made change my mind due to the quality of its production… what’s the use of having such a bunch, a thousand of creation if the majority are purely garbage? As they say less is more. So you’d rather have a zillion of low quality videos than a few of superior ones?
    Hmmm, thats the real future of a bankruptcy company…
    Worse than this was seeing such talented and underrated actress like Natalie being convinced to be part of the crew (by a little insight I believe she accepted by necessity due to the pandemic issue and all financial and uncertainly come along with it.
    In the end, i wouldn’t recommend, not even if it was the last movie on the earth.
    Yet, I’ve realized Brazilian ppl liked it a lot…, mas ouvir dizer que o gosto brasileiro é bem duvidoso…
    Brazilians are able to consume everything no matter what
    Não é à toa são chamados de tupiniquins.


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