Atlanta’s Missing and Murdered: The Lost Children (2020) | Official Trailer | HBO

In the period between 1979 to 1981, at least 30 African-American children and young adults disappeared or were murdered in Atlanta. Although 23-year-old Wayne Williams was prosecuted for two of the crimes, the rest of the cases were ultimately closed following his conviction in 1982. The docuseries hears from the victims’ families and examines the original trial materials and court documents, raising new questions for further investigation, and takes a closer look at the racial tensions and cultural clashes that brought Atlanta to a boiling point and caught the nation in a moment of transition. #HBO #HBODocs #AtlantasMissingAndMurderedHBO
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Atlanta’s Missing and Murdered: The Lost Children (2020) | Official Trailer | HBO

33 replies
  1. Mr Jedidiah
    Mr Jedidiah says:

    Ahh so these are the lost children of zaun, ekko came from here, it all makes sense. my theory is that ekko is actually one of these dead children and he can travel back in time hence his ult,

  2. Jav C
    Jav C says:

    saw all the episodes and i am convinced that Sanders family was responsible for the murders. Wayne did not have a scar on his face. He didn't grow a beard. GBI destroyed critical audio surveillance as a means to cover up who the real killers were in order to stop a race riot from happening.
    corrupt officials should be in jail and not Wayne

  3. Derek Sendrak
    Derek Sendrak says:

    If u look at old photos of Wayne Williams the way his sideburns are patchy…kind of looks like a scar, could have looked like a scar to an old woman, a witness

  4. nickelwindow53
    nickelwindow53 says:

    So this case always baffled me. I think Wayne killed some of the kids but he wasn’t the lone man. He just took the fall. The only question is how can a white man sneak into a black urban community taking Black boys and not stand out like a sore thumb?!? What do you guys think?

  5. Freddy Frug
    Freddy Frug says:

    A Klansman known as " Itchy Trigger Finger " Nash, while working his shifts as an Atlanta patrolman, killed over a dozen black males in Atlanta during the late 1940's and hardly a soul has heard of him. Due to that, it's hard to discount a Klansman in a blue uniform was killing them children.

  6. Grover Bennington
    Grover Bennington says:

    Did anyone look into the woman who invited children in for fast food? One of the witnesses saw Williams come slowly and casualy up the stairs to her residence..was there a paedophile ring with her and Williams ..and others involved?

  7. Grover Bennington
    Grover Bennington says:

    We are the tekky age..let's get going and put it to rest ..for the sake of the babies who were murdered. Williams was a narcissist and a socio- path. We need to wipe that smirk off his face..for good or for bad.

  8. Hammond Denzel
    Hammond Denzel says:

    People need to stop comparing this to Mindhunter. Mindhunter is a fictional TV show. This is a true documentary and the last episode will provide new evidence that no one has ever known and the case will reopen. I believe that Wayne is innocent

  9. SeanNotConnery
    SeanNotConnery says:

    Williams was definitely responsible for at least some of those murders, but not all of them. The question now is both simple and hopelessly complex: who else was hunting in those neighborhoods at the time? My money is on a combination of police coverups and the possibility of another sick individual like Williams who will never be caught.

  10. SowhatdaF Atnight
    SowhatdaF Atnight says:

    Two many kids I think it could be the school, the church or community. Same stuff today,just a different time!!! Who ever offered work for money.promised pay but these kids probably didn't want the work that was offered and got killed for their No.

  11. Stacie Renée
    Stacie Renée says:

    Also a child in Atlanta when this happen. Started watching last night and this is one of those things after seeing you won't quite be the same. Disturbing to the core and heartbreaking.


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