Atomic Homefront Official Trailer (2018) | HBO

Atomic Homefront documents the citizens of Coldwater Creek in Bridgeton, Missouri who want answers about the radioactive waste dumped in neighborhood landfills.


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22 replies
  1. Shelly Mercury gaga
    Shelly Mercury gaga says:

    they dump cancerous waste all over the world.. places you don't know about.. under the sea.. in the water.. that is why people who do statistical data in healthcare are important for finding out what your government is doing to you… the paris climate agreement was to prevent this… trump said no and to dump.. so you get this.. it will be dumped all over.. america is the only country that does not have a no-dumping law anymore because trump removed was part of the paris climate agreement.. so now they dump .. and trump supporters will have to come to terms with it… trump allowed the dumping.. he signed the bill to cancel paris climate… and you aren't only getting americas toxic waste.. you are getting the world's toxic waste — it's true!! you'll see

  2. Scott Davis
    Scott Davis says:

    Anyone with a pulse and a conscience should be infuriated with our government and the EPA after watching us. We have a bunch of incompetent do nothing bureaucrats supposedly watching out for our interests. FIX THE PROBLEM by buying out the victims homes and relocating them to a safe area. It's the US version of Chernobyl, except the Russians were smart enough to eventually get everyone out of harms way!

  3. junior third
    junior third says:

    Look if I was a resident I'd get the most insurance coverage as I could possibly get on my house and cars. Then six months later put an electric space heater in the bedroom put some clothes right next to it and then go to the movies and wait for it to burn down. Collect the insurance money and leave that radioactive hell hole behind. I'm surprised all the residents haven't started doing that.

  4. Paul
    Paul says:

    Infuriating watch. Heads should roll for this. Sending strength and solidarity from Scotland. R.i.p to the young 16 year old and to the 44 year old women.

  5. Laura Madden
    Laura Madden says:

    When I heard that HBO had done a special on the Manhattan Project nuclear waste buried in St. Louis County it revived so much inside me. Knowing that Coldwater Creek used to run freely behind our house, we played in it, fished crawdads out of it, and were curiously ignorant of why all of a sudden the rain sewer feeding into it was capped off and the creek was cut off as it ran from its north source that cut through the airport. There was no explanation. I can't remember exactly when that happened, but I think it was around 1969. That would make sense. We were a bit distracted at that time. My sister, Patty, died of a cancerous brain tumor in January 1970 at the age of 15. She had been sick for over two years.
    Makes you wonder, huh?

  6. Hannah
    Hannah says:

    This is so depressing. I can put so much effort into choosing what foods I eat, what products I use, living a healthy lifestyle etc but the government just goes around burying radioactive nuclear waste in the ground and I'm probably going to end up getting cancer anyway.


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