Away | Official Trailer | Netflix

From the visionary who brought you Friday Night Lights comes an epic, emotional story of love and sacrifice, starring two-time Academy Award winner Hilary Swank.

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Away | Official Trailer | Netflix

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  1. Bach
    Bach says:

    For those who criticize the show bc its a “family drama” instead of si-fy, firstly ur not watching stat wars but human going to mars, and its literally a DRAMA.

  2. Nathan Jordon
    Nathan Jordon says:

    Honestly, I'm not surprised Netflix pulled the plug on this. So while this was mildly entertaining and space is always a thrilling subject, the characters and plot were just not that interesting and the fact that this was the most expensive Netflix series to date – it just doesn't surprise me. The ending was super underwhelming too. Sure, I wouldn't have minded a second series and I probably would have watched it but, considering the fact that I forgot a majority of it, I'm not too bothered that they cancelled it either.

  3. K C
    K C says:

    The daughter (Alex) is so annoying…

    Especially when she got into that accident, she didn't even say sorry to Isaac and cleared his name when his dad and Melissa blamed him. What a brat

  4. I Love My brothers!!
    I Love My brothers!! says:

    This might be one of the best series and definitely one of the most emotional show ive ever watched in my lifetime !! 101 stars rating !!! What an experience ! Season 2 better be happening !! Im still not giving up hope !! ❤❤❤

  5. Anthony Matter
    Anthony Matter says:

    I thought I was watching a series about space exploration, going to Mars, and everything in
    between.. I guess everything in between is a lesbian love affair…Smells too much of soap opera. I'm abandoning.. All these pay apps/channels are so over the top in a liberal nutsy way. Families with 3 or 4 races The idea of keeping reality in check means nothing. What's next? A paralyzed Albino transgender person with dyslexia and an eating disorder…. No disrespect to any of the groups above, but enough is enough. What are they trying to reach a quota even if it destroys the movie/shows Believability factor….

  6. Lake
    Lake says:

    They left the door open for a season 2 with stories about romantic feelings and health issues. My guess is they couldn't follow up with what life was like on Mars because the mission more than likely failed. NASA wouldn't want the public to see that because they would lose funding for attempts to Mars if everyone died soon after Atlas landed. This was entertainment not a documentary but still very good acting.

  7. Suzanne Sondrup
    Suzanne Sondrup says:

    I absolutely loved this series! I wish I could watch it without paying the ridiculous amount Netflix wants. Netflix sucks for canceling this show. I cancelled my membership. It's gotten way too expensive. $16 a month without ads is ridiculous.


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