Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives. | Official Trailer | Netflix

A scandalous four-part documentary series that uncovers how Sarma Melngailis, the celebrity restaurateur behind the New York hotspot Pure Food and Wine, went from being the queen of vegan cuisine to the tabloid-touted “Vegan Fugitive” when she falls for a man who promises to make her dreams come true. Millions of dollars, immortal dogs, meat suits, and secrets lead to a twisted tale of love turned criminal. Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives. premieres March 16 on Netflix.


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Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives. | Official Trailer | Netflix

After marrying a mysterious man who claimed he could make her dog immortal, a celebrated vegan restaurateur finds her life veering off the rails.

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  1. KaToKamakazie
    KaToKamakazie says:

    Yes Shane/Anthony /Michael, etc is the conman, but this woman cannot say she was brainwashed and get away with it either. It is amazing what a white b*tch from Manhattan can get away with when minority groups get sent to prison for 2 or more years for stealing a loaf a bread for their kids, we cannot say Poverty brainwashed us to do it.. so no Fck this woman and her little stories and that journalist who makes excuses for her comparing her to a woman who was kidnapped as a child and groomed by bank robbers is absolutely idiotic, this bish was a grown ass woman .
    The people that get caught up in this kind of thing are 100% narcissists, this is what happens when you do not eat protein and when you think a man can do God's work. She went along with this not cause she was brainwashed but because of the promises this man made to her , she always wanted to be something important , so it was all about her . The mere fact that she does not apologize and take accountability for her actions in this , just shows her damn privilege.

    one question if she was a successful black woman in NYC who did this , would she be able to tell her story as a free woman today or behind bars?

  2. Andzhela
    Andzhela says:

    This man was sick-minded narcissist who manipulates and creates this whole new world that she felt trapped in and scared. She played on her emotions, hot-cold ,coming,leaving, gaslighting . Unfortunately people who have experienced trauma in their lives normally tend to disregard the red flags until suddenly they are in web of lies and it’s too hard for them to know what’s true or real. It’s a sick game that narcissist are playing with their victims which leaves them overwhelmed, confused ,weak, disconnected from people ,families ,a dark world that they don’t know how to get out of…it’s sad what those people are doing. I understand that probably they’ve too been traumatised in their lives to be doing this but hurting another human being by intentionally making them loose their mind, is unjustifiable

  3. Marie Fran
    Marie Fran says:

    This was all a product of greed, for Sarma and Anthony. She was hoping to be married to a supposedly wealthy man, whereas Anthony knew she has the money to be his victim.

  4. Mattmartensmusic
    Mattmartensmusic says:

    It’s Sarma’s lie so she can tell it how she wants , but it seems to me she was enjoying life on the run so to speak or she wouldn’t have been covering up her tattoo, giving a factious name ect… And also, there’s not a doubt in my mind that she was doing a lot more than just “talking” with ol’ dude at the chipotle in
    Pigeon Forge…

  5. E. Akgul
    E. Akgul says:

    Can't believe she tried the victim part. You can't be THAT naive! She knew exactly what she was doing.
    The only victims are the ones who invested money or should have their money from the restaurant.

  6. Topher Orman
    Topher Orman says:

    She was no victim. Her touching her face anytime she’s asked a question, and stammering, and stuttering the entire time are signs she is a total scammer, too. Sounds like she is the biggest scammer of all; she scammed Netflix pretty good, it seems like.


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