Baz Luhrmann’s ELVIS: The Story of the Score

A conversation with Composer, Elliott Wheeler and Director/Producer/Cowriter Baz Lurhmann.

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  1. Garrett Miles
    Garrett Miles says:

    This is very insightful. I loved listening to this. The score is so much more intense and powerful when you listen to it this way. So many things I didn’t notice when watching the movie, but when you hear just the score, they really sand out. I don’t think this is the complete score, because there were parts that were left out of this, I think. Yes, we need the deluxe edition soundtrack with ALL the songs, and either the complete score needs to be a part of that, or needs to be its own album. Thanks for giving us the amazing tour into the musical world of Elvis.

  2. Ruth Nagarya
    Ruth Nagarya says:

    ABSOLUTELY THE MOST SUPERIOR FILM WITH ACTING LIKE NO other, Austin Butler does such a stunning job that you truly can't tell when it's him or the real ELVIS, he's amazzing. IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE FILM YOU HAVE avsolutley NO IDEA what you are missing.. Baz and Austgin Butler both deserve an OSCAR, I've seen ALL the other movies nominated and NONE can compare to ELVIS…NONE of them.

  3. Dart Megatron
    Dart Megatron says:

    Дорогой дядя кот Том я гочу Марвела аваландж они придумали значала по три гипер комбо а потом одной шкалы супер приема для теккена

  4. fonzi
    fonzi says:

    1:34:26 "Did you know there's a kind of bird that doesn't have any legs? So it can't land on nothing. It lives its whole life on the wing. When it gets tired it just spreads its wings and sleeps on the wind. If it ever does land, even but one time… so it dies."


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