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It all comes down to this. Watch Power Season 6 on STARZ.

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From Executive Producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and Show Creator Courtney Kemp (The Good Wife) comes Season 6 of the hit drama “Power.”

31 replies
  1. Sahad Ali
    Sahad Ali says:

    Reckon it's Tommy's mum's house being shot up in the trailer and his mum is the one ghost is talking about at the end to Angela when he's saying he didn't kill her … That seems like another reason why Tommy has such a hard on to kill Ghost .

  2. Boog206
    Boog206 says:

    Don't get me wrong im sad that power is ending but im glad they pulled the plug before it went downhill like the last season of boondocks…niggas should be happy we got 6 strong seasons

  3. Ms. Drew
    Ms. Drew says:

    How did Angela die when they showed us the clip that she was alive in the hospital now all of a sudden she's dead and the clip has been pulled from YouTube this is bulshit where is Angela!


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