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26 replies
  1. durtybeast925
    durtybeast925 says:

    WE GET A DOUBLE SERIES FINALE AT THE SAME TIME WITH GENE. BB & BCS. If they mashed up the intro music for both shows somehow on that last episode with gene, that would be amazing!

  2. charlie wildflower
    charlie wildflower says:

    if we’re following the formula, here’s my prediction: this shot of the mall is the last thing we’ll see next episode, just like sauls office being the last thing we saw in 6×09 (it was the preview from 6×08). this means all of next episode might be spent in the breaking bad timeline, and we’ll do another time jump similar to the one in 6×09, except it jumps to gene

  3. Christopher Perez
    Christopher Perez says:

    he’s gonna cause a riot at the mall he works at getting people to steal shit from stores, call back to the earlier season where as gene, he snitched on the guy in the photo booth who was getting chased by police

  4. joseph O
    joseph O says:

    The black and white vids. Are where the story comes All together. One thing I’ve always noticed about Walt. Is that he’s always ahead of the plan. Now Idk what exactly is going to happen however, In el camino jessi gives a letter to the vacuum guy. We never got a chance to see what it said on that letter. I also remember someone saying Walt is the gray. In gray matter. Which to me is the reasoning to why in better call Saul. Those black and white vids are key. Now the Armani suits and the Jordan’s and the linen shirts. To me that’s saul Goodman . Jessi pickman and yours truly Walter Heisenberg white . Coming back together. That’s why he’s saying go go go run run run. This all began with Walt in the desert with a gun and two dead guys and a winnebago. It’s only right it ends with Walt.

  5. RandomRandy
    RandomRandy says:

    ***Spoiler Alert*****
    I don’t want to spoil too much but I will explain what the title means by “New Player gets into the game”. I seen spoilers already for next week. They didn’t reveal much (Thank God) I like the surprise as much as we all do.. but it wasn’t too much a spoiler because I had an idea this was the direction they were going. Next week is a Breaking Bad Tribute episode. It’s not Walt who is the “New Player”. It’s Badger. First half of the episode is the introduction of Badger (Which they teased last week) they do a time skip AGAIN in the intro. All clients etc.. one special one I won’t say but most fans expected to see him. It’s the entire backstory from Badgers point of view. This goes on for a bit with seeing what Saul was dealing with and hearing about this Heisenberg character. It’s the introduction. By the end of the episode it will end with Walt and Jesse making a cameo. That sets us up for the following week. It was kind of disappointing because I wanted to see more scenes but I know the following week will explain that all. Overall this has been the best season and it’s sad to see the series come to an end.

  6. Gabriel Martinez
    Gabriel Martinez says:

    I'm banking on the last episode or maybe two are all Gene content, It would be silly to do anything else otherwise, We know we're getting Walt and Jesse for sure but what everyone wants to know is what happens to Gene, We know Walts dead, We know Jesse got away, But Gene…..??? Maybe he completes the trinity, Death, Escape and Captured.

  7. Jacob Casella
    Jacob Casella says:

    Vince Gilligan is quoted saying about Breaking Bad: "We set out to turn Mr. chips, into Scarface" I believe in Better Call Saul they are turning Jimmy and Kimmy into Bonnie and Clyde. I believe this has been the plan all along. This got me thinking about how this show could end then and I have a great idea of how..

    How can we have a happy ending and a bad ending at the same time????

    Saul and Kim get back together in Nebraska due to her guy; the cab driver, after Kim having learning of the Walter white fiasco on the news. Once back together they pull "one more scam" since they can't help themselves as Chuck would say. In this last scam they both get taken out, sent to jail, etc. all in hugely dramatic fashion, truly transforming them into Bonnie and Clyde. They might even admit to/ get outed for Howard's death

  8. Voice Nerd
    Voice Nerd says:

    Reading Rhea Seahorn's (Kim) interview, Kim made the decision to leave because she didn't feel like she should be happy in any way because of the terrible things she and Saul did. She doesn't feel like she's worthy of love, her dream career, etc. She might end up just doing the same thing as Saul/Gene. Working a dead-end job at a fast food restaurant keeping her head down, suffering a lonely and monotonous life.

  9. Sarah Stewart
    Sarah Stewart says:

    Omg. People: CAROL BURNETT. When she said to the cab guy, "Well you do," emphasis on the word "do," it was like one beautiful second of Eunice that made being alive today100% worth it. i totally guffawed – it was so great, like a little gift. Idk who needs to read this, but if you haven't watched every sketch from The CB Show twice, searchon here & thank me later. You will freak, they are so cool.

  10. Christopher McCurdy
    Christopher McCurdy says:

    I went into Belk yesterday and started repeating.

    1. Armani suits and run.
    2. Air Jordan shoes for you.
    3. Linen shirts for free.
    4. Cashmere sweaters out the door.
    5. Patagonias to survive.
    6. Swanky sweat suits in the mix.

    I also didn't get caught


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