Better Call Saul: 'Joyride' Season 5 Teaser | AMC

Better Call Saul returns Sunday, February 23 at 10/9c.

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Better Call Saul Season 5 Teaser: Joyride

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44 replies
  1. Fern
    Fern says:

    I just binged watched this show & Jesus Christ is it slow BUT it’s amazing to finally see the end of Jimmy McGill & the birth of Saul Goodman. The progression and the build up it worked out really well.
    Deep down I know him & Kim will split and lead separate worlds and that’s gonna really suck cause she’s been down for him since the beginning. I just know she’s not gonna like Saul Goodman.

  2. Lorum Ipsum
    Lorum Ipsum says:

    Could you please save Lodge 49 too, please. For a channel that – most of the time (The Walking Dead has become what the show is about) – shows excellent choice in the well-written shows in chooses to produce, I'm so very disappointed that you cancelled what was a beautiful, imaginative and exceptionally well written show like Lodge 49.

  3. PaulBeen
    PaulBeen says:

    I relate to Jim so much in that scene. It embodies perfectly how it feels like to be anxious and trapped in a situation. There is no way out of it, your anxiety just comes and you have to deal with it.
    Look at his face. Just take a look, he's the main character of this show and he looks so fucking vulnerable and lost, and he's the main character of this show. We live in a culture where main characters are mostly badasses, and during trailers we see them pulling some crazy stuff, looking so good and so confident. He looks sweaty, looks like he's about to throw up. It's been a long time since I liked a teaser that much

  4. Julio
    Julio says:

    coming back here to say the way they handpick scenes of the show to the teasers that give you just enough interest and taste of whats to come is why this show is amazing . I still remember being so exited for how more of mikes and jimmys worlds were coming together


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