Better Call Saul: 'Mike Meets Gus Fring' Talked About Scene Ep.303

Mike meets Gus Fring for the first time and receives a surprising proposal. 

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Better Call Saul Talked About Scene: Season 3, Episode 3

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41 replies
  1. Andrew McDougall
    Andrew McDougall says:

    I love how the framing tells the story here. Mike, alone at the face, has the advantage. Then, he is informed of approaching cars, a challenge to his present state, but the first car he sees is far off, approaching within his vision, but in the low ground. It must drive up the hill to reach him. But, being Mike, he soon noticed (and almost expects) the car from the rear, already more powerful and ready to strike. Gus initially plays into Mike’s game, establishing himself in his vision, but beneath him. However as the scene goes on he takes the high ground, his tone changes, and he takes full command of the conversation, assuming that he’ll leave with what HE wants. But again, Mike the badass, gets the last laugh. Beautiful scene.

  2. Em Dee
    Em Dee says:

    Giancarlo Esposito is getting all the parts that Forrest Whittaker is too old for, and that would have gone to Terrence Howard if he hadn't been such a jerk about Iron Man money & casting.


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