Better Call Saul Season 5 Teaser: 'Speedy Justice' | AMC

Better Call Saul returns Monday, February 23 on AMC.


Better Call Saul Season 5 Teaser: Speedy Justice

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34 replies
  1. Brian Bernstein
    Brian Bernstein says:

    season 5 should really end it in my opinion – yes it should go as long as the story requires, but for this to be longer than Breaking Bad seems diluting to that epic masterpiece. instead of "el camino" which was pretty good at best, they should have had an entire show called "Pinkman" – think of all the people who would want to track down Heisenburg's fortune, or the fact that Pinkman is the ONLY chemist who knows his trademark formula… there could be so much plot if the writers were willing. and if they had had Better Call Saul and Pinkman running simultaneously, each could fill in holes to the other's story in a totally genius way never even done on TV before. instead, what are we all looking forward to here? a showdown with that new Salamanca character that none of us even give half a fuck about? finding out if nacho dies or not? I mean what's even left here….


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