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18 replies
  1. Aaron McFerran
    Aaron McFerran says:

    it's gunna be a loooong time before they come up with a such a powerful, and intriguing show that has anything to do with god, or religion. thank's big love and Co for a wild and enthralling ride.

  2. Obaze
    Obaze says:

    They have to pull the show. Once Bill outted them, the storyline is dead. It puts Bill and his family (albeit illegal outside of Barb) way above any Hollywood bimbo headline. Its okay though, HBO and Showtime have plenty of other shows to take its place soon enough.

  3. dthompson1313
    dthompson1313 says:

    All I can say is so far this is the BEST season yet…..its like OMG are you sure you have to end. Each episode so far has been so awesome and it just grips you right till the end.

    Hmmmmm, I hope Barb leaves……lol

  4. miggs80
    miggs80 says:

    Nicollete wants to do right but is crazy due to her upbringing and crazy religion/father. Bill is a selfish snake that throws anybody under the bus to save his own ass and he pouts like a child when the woman don't do as he says. Barbara is a drama queen/ annoying control freak. Ben (the son) is slightly brainwashed but is a good person. Sarah the daughter has a heart of gold. Margene is fun and wonderful. Tancy is too young to tell what's right. Someone already spoiled season 5 for me. : (

  5. miggs80
    miggs80 says:

    I was searching the trailer only for season 5. Bills ending wouldn't necessarily mean his death but now that I look at his facial expression in Bill's ending he does look like he's dead or knows that he's heading out that door with those freaked out eyes. Dammit youtube.

  6. Bouvier
    Bouvier says:

    Just finished watching the last episode after 3 years of the show having ended.  I thought it was very heartfelt even made me cry but I knew he was going to die.


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