Bill’s Letter #shorts

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10 replies
  1. Carney Art Glass
    Carney Art Glass says:

    One of my funniest memories from high school was we had a new teacher to the school, teaching some kind of social studies or something and at the first sound of the class being disruptive, The teacher got furious and said that she transfered from Compton so we better listen to her. Needless to say that became the most unruly and obstinate class of students I’ve ever sat in. They took her threat of being from Compton as a challenge to destroy her psyche thoroughly L0l.

  2. coladict
    coladict says:

    I expected about 25 minutes of the episode to focus on Bill and Frank, with the rest being on Joel and Ellie, or at least the four of them together. In the game it was very heavily implied that Bill and Frank were lovers, but we only get to see Frank's dead body some weeks after he died.


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