Black Sails | The Best of Black Sails: Silver’s Warning Speech | STARZ

The future of Nassau hangs on its past. Relive the best speeches of Black Sails with this scene that proved John Silver should not be messed with.

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Hundreds of British soldiers lie dead in a forest… the Royal Navy sails back to England in retreat… the West Indies are now a war zone, and the shores of New Providence Island have never been bloodier. With the help of Eleanor Guthrie, Woodes Rogers transforms Nassau into a fortress without walls, as Captain Flint amasses a fleet of unprecedented strength, hoping to strike the final blow against civilization and reshape the world forever. Meanwhile, from within the island… an insurgency builds, fueled by the legend of its exiled leader, whose name keeps grown men awake at night… the one they call “Long John Silver.”

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Black Sails | The Best of Black Sails: Silver’s Warning Speech | STARZZ

14 replies
  1. Liam R
    Liam R says:

    "You will join us tomorrow, or you will be looking back over your shoulder for the rest of your life…….My name is John Silver, and i've got a long fucking memory."

  2. David Steinbach
    David Steinbach says:

    Been binge watching the shit out of this show since early this week. I love it. Almost towards the end and really don't want to watch the end either lol but I will be happy when I get to the part where "one of the female leads" dies. Hated her so damn bad.


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