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BLINDED BY THE LIGHTS, a Polish series from HBO Europe, is now available to US Subscribers on HBO NOW®, HBO GO®, HBO On Demand and partners’ streaming platforms. The eight-episode series chronicles seven days from the life of a Warsaw cocaine dealer as his meticulously ordered life begins to sink into chaos.

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  1. J. T
    J. T says:

    I would rate this show 9/10. If you like organized crime themed movies with dark, gloomy and existential vibe, you will love it. It's different. Music and shots are great, fantastic acting, lots of violence and an amazing (but depressing) atmosphere. I found it hard to stop watching till the end. Certainly recommended!
    However, I'm afraid that the English subtitles will make it vanilla and politically correct, a big part of awesomeness is in the witty and raw dialogues, and it looks like they are censoring them and even changing meanings in this one… They translated "how is your luck today" to "what's your mood"?, wtf? And the way this trailer is brought together is not impressive at all, looks totally random and like it was made in 5 minutes, there is another one that is 4x better and entices much more to watch the show. Oh but wait there's new crappy season of game of thrones 😀


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