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Welcome to the ordeal. #Blindspotting premieres June 13 on #STARZ.

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27 replies
  1. Drew St. Blaise
    Drew St. Blaise says:

    i came here to try and understand something maybe yall could help me out. ive seen the damn trailer a thousand times now and everytime the line "you a 32 year old baby daddy who almost got her pockets ran through until i put you on my credit" and the next scene shows a woman saying "ya you real grown ash". this is driving me insane. who is she talking to? is the woman a 32 year old baby daddy? and who got put on whose credit? please can someone answer me this it is driving me fucking insane and making me not want to watch the show since such an incredibly odd line was put in the trailer. wtf?????

  2. Rex Mikes
    Rex Mikes says:

    ive been the watching this stupid ass trailer for a while and god damnit if it isnt one of the most incomprehensive shitty commercials ive ever seen. cane anyone please explain the line "You a 32 year old baby daddy who almost got her pockets ran until i put you on my credit" to me? fucking stupid

  3. Sven
    Sven says:

    After several ads on youtube for four months begging me to watch this and its not that bad but confuse what this show was about after finishing watching the entire series lol


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