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An unfulfilled man (Owen Wilson) and a mysterious woman (Salma Hayek) believe they are living in a simulated reality, but when their newfound ‘Bliss’ world begins to bleed into the ‘ugly’ world they must decide what’s real and where they truly belong.


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38 replies
  1. J. Hon
    J. Hon says:

    This looks awful.Why is Hayik in so many movies? She is awful in everything I have seen, to the point that I refuse to watch anything she is in. Same thing with J. Low Pez

  2. Lucy Frye
    Lucy Frye says:

    Really a shame that this movie has flown under the radar as much as it did. I didn't just like it, I liked it a lot. If you haven't watched it, don't read anything about it and just watch it now. BIG SPOILER. I think it's because people don't like to be misled but misleading the viewer was a tool in a movie about escapism. It would have been extremely difficult to explain in detail why people would flee into a made up world. They chose to just show how enticing it can be and trick the viewer along with the main character. Slowly you got bombarded with bigger and bigger hints what was really going on and it became clear that you weren't watching a science fiction movie after all.

  3. Lucky Spider Boots
    Lucky Spider Boots says:

    This was surprisingly one of the best movies I’ve ever seen and certainly the best thing since eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. Owen Wilson was so beautiful to watch in this and delivered such a raw and heartfelt performance. Owen and salma were perfect. No idea why this was given such terrible reviews, it’s very deserving of praise and recognition , well done Owen ❤️❤️

  4. Chris D
    Chris D says:

    This is an incredible movie.

    -spoiler alert-

    It's as if the critics walked into it expecting a Matrix ripoff and couldn't get their brains to adjust to what they actually saw.

    The genius in it is when you start realizing that this is the type of world that many untreated schizophrenics live in. This is the reality for so many people living on the street or in jail, and it becomes absurd to understand this yet then also want to still tell them to just get help or try harder.

    Some of the best moments:

    -When Isabel seemingly randomly climbs into the car of a guy in order to turn a trick (be a prostitute). It's completely incongruent with the mood and scene otherwise, yet is a sobering injection of how she makes money quickly in order to perpetuate her own delusions

    -Isabel explaining to Greg that the three things that enabled the 'real world' to be so luxurious were automation, synthetic biology, and asteroid mining. This is subtly brilliant, in that it's a great characterization of how somebody with limited professional background and education might latch on to disparate concepts as saviors, not really being able to fully understand how each would impact life in reality (the asteroid mining changing the world so fundamentally gives away that she isn't anchored). Like the brother in law at xmas who talks endlessly about crypto but has never bought any.

    -Gren hanging his boss behind the curtain…like…wtf? That's deliciously messed up and different.

    -Isabel quickly explaining that the ghostly people are practicing 'telepresence'. In their world, she didn't perceive that, he did. She still has an explanation ready. This, along with when she admits she's 'not sure' if she killed Kendo for good, tells me she was more aware of reality than Greg, yet her own mental illness drove her to maintain the fantasy at all costs, wilfully and knowingly convincing herself that this alternate reality was real and that it was her own creation that others could go to her if they wanted to understand it better. Hard to explain, but basically it showed that for some types of schizophrenics, the worlds deliberately and knowingly created through lies are just as real to those people as a world explained without lies. Her identity was being able to explain the world to anybody who would listen. She was in control of that narrative, and only that.

    -Greg so readily abandoning his relationship with his kids. Not only does he fairly quickly accept that he has no responsibility to his daughter because she isn't 'real', but he seems to have completely forgotten that he also has a son. An idyllic story would have him caring deeply about both of them and being ultimately driven by his kids, but that's not how it actually works. People suffering from mental illness like this DO have a hard time tracking the important relationships in their lives. There is no ultimate reassurance that family love will triumph in the end. As with dementia, their illness is capable of taking away a fundamentally important family relationship.

    -When Isabel goes up to the much younger and more attractive prostitutes asking them for mace and they point out that she is unkempt and unhygienic. This is not something we can really see as a viewer, but the writers make it doubly clear to us that reality here is homelessness and drug addiction. This is probably the clearest moment in the movie, with respect to seeing that they are living the lives of two mentally ill homeless people suffering from the same challenges (hygiene, access to doctors/dentistry) as the people you may see walking along the streets of a big city. Even the prostitutes see her as fallen apart, and even the extras/actors playing them convey a subtle pity and fear when interacting with Isabel and eventually selling her the mace (they make fun of her teeth but never really double down on it–acting more like they want to keep some distance and to have Isabel just stop being unpredictable around them.)

    I really think that critics tanked in their reviews of this one

  5. Sunnyz
    Sunnyz says:

    The movie is ironically about Drug addiction, how innocent dad falls into MDMA and Crystal meth doses. Which makes him high and hypothetically take him away from reality. This is sad reality of this modern world. But the message through film is to restoration is real. You gotta push hard and seek help and to go rehabilitation centre to get back to original state.

    Again this movie is not for everyone. Very few understand the true deep meaning. May Jesus Christ bless man who make this movie .

  6. Leonardo Chiarini
    Leonardo Chiarini says:

    Fantástico… já conversei com pessoas viciadas em drogas e a dificuldade em encarar a realidade torna-se uma constante.
    Na verdade o filme retrata uma situação bem triste que é a vida dos adictos e no caso do personagem de BLISS ele ainda cai nas mãos de uma viciada extremamente habilidosa.
    Leva uma marmita e um agasalho para um usuário de crack e permita-se conversar alguns minutos com ele. Seu entendimento sobre o filme e moradores de rua irão mudar drasticamente.
    Um filme legal pra assistir na sequência é "A PÉ ELE NÃO VAI LONGE".
    Presta atenção como o personagem cria uma realidade distorcida de todos os acontecimentos.

  7. Alexandre Lucas
    Alexandre Lucas says:

    Just saw it. Great work. Wilson raw and profound. In rehab his character starts the best way possible, which explains all that matters: "This woman says she's my daughter, and I believe her…"

  8. Kristi4:44
    Kristi4:44 says:

    Why do people think this movie is about drug addiction, mental illness, or homelessness?
    It's about living in a simulation. Probably because our simulacrum is about to collapse at the next reset so people are going to be looking to exit.

  9. Fine Ants
    Fine Ants says:

    This movie actually reminded me why sobriety is important, and it is brilliantly put together, despite any of the reviews they received. Anyone that's known or been an addict will understand.

  10. Vaughn
    Vaughn says:

    Great movie. Think Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Requiem for a Dream, little Inception, pinch of Garden State. At least those were the films this reminded me of

  11. Nyc Yo
    Nyc Yo says:

    The movie Bliss proposes that there is a utopian world and a simulated world called the Brain Box, which is the creation of Dr Isabel. In the BrainBox, one can immerse their minds in an advanced simulation created by a Dr. of a future utopian society of it's early 21st century so that they can appreciate Utopia once they exit the BrainBox. The side effect of the BrainBox is that one can lose memories of their life in Utopia and instead take on the persona and memories from the world inside the BrainBox – basically, what we see happen to Greg.

  12. Couriers Life
    Couriers Life says:

    Not being funny but this movie is so bad.. it's like a child wrote how the plot was going to go and almost all of it made no sense what so ever.. Owen Wilson as always is an amazing actor and I think he done an amazing job making this movie seem in the slightest believable .i mean it really took some acting to pull this shlt off.. can't believe I wasted my time on this crap

  13. Ms.Magnifasense
    Ms.Magnifasense says:

    One of Selma Hayek's BEST performances! At first I thought this movie was going in a sci fi direction, but then I realized how the audience is being drawn into an alternative reality that unravels more and more until you start to realize how the characters are viewing their world and their place in it. If it wasn't for the love of one family member, Owen's character (Greg) would have been lost in Bliss forever. This is a Must See!


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