Bloodline: Daughter of Blade #1 Trailer | Marvel Comics

Like father, like daughter. Bloodline: Daughter of Blade on sale February 2023.

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34 replies
  1. TheDoomer
    TheDoomer says:

    The design of this 'Daughter of Blade' is pretty lame. Much prefer the designs by Logan Faerber a few years back when Marvel first tried to introduce this concept.

  2. Tyrice Gadson
    Tyrice Gadson says:

    I only have one question. Whose the mommy? For a moment there I thought it was Monica Rambeau when I saw the lightning. Then I saw the katana and thought it was Psylocke due to purple hair or Katana (but she's from DC)

  3. D B
    D B says:

    Wanna see Blade not his dumb child with him. MAKE A REAL BLADE MOVIE like with Wesley Snipes, no kids….MARVEL gone G rated with Blade…..Pandering to children


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