Bloodline | Series Recap | Netflix

Revisit the past with the Rayburns one last time before the Final Season.

All episodes are now streaming only on Netflix.

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32 replies
  1. Gisela A
    Gisela A says:

    i was honestly really happy when Kevin killed Marco. felt relief in a way. he was a dick! but now to face the consequences. also im soooo sad this is the final season. more people should have watched this masterpiece.

  2. Will Penny
    Will Penny says:

    This is hands down Netflix's most underrated original series which kinda upsets me because this show is truly a masterpiece in drama and suspense. Even though many people were left disappointed with the ending of series 3, I still felt it had a strong impact as it had left the viewers to decide what was to come in the final scene, which was something not done in the show in earlier seasons. Danny Rayburn will always pop into my head whenever I'm asked about manipulating and deceiving TV characters as Ben Menholson plays the character in such an creepy way that he should've one an Emmy for his performance – if you've never heard of his show then give it a try and if you feel that it's not your thing and that it's slow give it 4/5 episodes as i felt this show was boring and pointless but had to wait until something big happened to send me into the world of these characters that changed the way I look at the actors and characters in this show

  3. argent2020
    argent2020 says:

    The very last episode of the last season which I believe was 3, ends with the cop in the funny farm, his sister in another city living a new life and the fucked up brother in jail for dealing drugs but not for killing the cop (Marcos). I feel that the only one who was right in that family was Danny.

  4. Siska Miles
    Siska Miles says:

    You got me addicted to this series, I just love it, it's great! Excellent cast choice, very good actors and an incredible location!! I will be sad when it's over…
    Thank you Netflix!!

  5. Justin Thompson
    Justin Thompson says:

    On the last episode of season 2
    Can someone please tell … That Kevin Rayburn gets shot in the face, or eaten by wild dogs…. the most gutless non thinking character in tv history …I loath the character and not sure I like the actor either

  6. Vivien Munoz
    Vivien Munoz says:

    How did this show ever get to Season 3, I'll never know. Couldn't watch more than 2 episodes. Maybe it didn't help that they cast Ben Mendelsohn as the central character. Can't stand him. And the darkness (as in picture contrast) of the indoor scenes. Nothing wrong with my Tv though.

  7. Andrew Costa
    Andrew Costa says:

    Anyone else see parallels between John Rayburn and Walter White from Breaking Bad? Obviously different characters, but the slow progression of realizing a character you're meant to root for become someone you find it hard to root for… But still do? The "anti-hero," when done well, is an incredible rhetorical choice by these directors in my opinion.

  8. David Torresani
    David Torresani says:

    I just begun this series today and I'm on episode 2.
    I'm not sure yet? It feels to close to my own family and our trauma as a family.
    I'm not sure if I should continue or call my brother and sister to ask them if they have seen it.


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