BMF | Ep. 9 Preview | Season 2

Relationships on rocky ground. Who gon’ make it thru? A new episode of #BMF drops Friday on STARZ.


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  1. Demarcus Vaughan
    Demarcus Vaughan says:

    Lucille will find out that Charles is cheating with Mable when Mable comes to talk with Lucille and Lucille sees that match book with EZ Rest Hotel on it and Lucille will realize that Mable is the other woman.

  2. Demarcus Vaughan
    Demarcus Vaughan says:

    Meech need to leave B Mickie alone because B Mickie is a liability and is unpredictable. Meech loyalty to B Mickie and Terry being with Markeisha will cause Terry and Meech to got their separate ways.


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