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Inspired by true legends. #BMF premieres 9/26 on STARZ.


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16 replies
  1. Fearless 510
    Fearless 510 says:

    I watched every episode of Power, I'm watching Book 2 and Raising Kanan, they're all good show's. Most likely I'll watch this one too when it comes out but can we get a show about us that's not about drug dealing or slavery? There's so many stories involving us that can be told but it seems like nobody wants to tell them, most of the show's that's mostly us either have us in the streets or in the cotton fields, that ain't all it is to our story.

  2. TheFlY ENT
    TheFlY ENT says:

    Can't wait this is going to be better than most these rapper's music… Just hope the rite people are getting paid and not the powers that be like it has been since day 1.

  3. Steve Hodge
    Steve Hodge says:

    This is a TV show that celebrates black culture, produced by a black person and stars mainly black actors and actresses….if it was the other way around it would be cancelled for being racist…..fucking cunes

  4. 1RonBurgundy1
    1RonBurgundy1 says:

    I saw the premiere, it is garbage, I would just watch every power episode and the whole Raising Kanan season that just ended a week or 2 ago. Raising Kanan was excellent and every actor did a great job, super underrated. BMF just doesn't work, but every 50-cent produced show can't be a home run. The best ever was the early seasons of Power, nothing of this style can beat those. Even later seasons of Power were better than any of the spinoffs


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