Boardwalk Empire: Season 3 – Clip Trailer (HBO)

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Nucky and the gang are back.

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Boardwalk Empire: Season 3 – Clip Trailer (HBO)

47 replies
  1. DJ Redman
    DJ Redman says:

    Richard is a really really sad case, his demise will be heart wrenching for sure. I agree that it will be this season, and that he will somehow be next to Nucky. On another note; When Nucky opened up the "treasure chest", that was priceless. All the bosses looked on like, "Yeah, I'm staying in business with this guy".

  2. You2Me
    You2Me says:

    He killed Manny Horvitz. This was the man that paid 5 grand upfront to get liquor from Jimmy but never got it. He killed Angela and was there the night Nucky killed Jimmy. It must have been pay back for Jimmy and Angela, no one ordered Richard to do it.

  3. PKP405
    PKP405 says:

    Does anyone else think that Nelson will FINALLY turn to the darkside and become a criminal? Instead of continuing to be a self-righteous hypocrite? I can't help but wonder about the job offer that O'Banion made after he helped him oust a very Pissed Off Alfonse Capone! Not to mention the way he got screwed over regarding that contest!

  4. Yogesh Gupta
    Yogesh Gupta says:

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  5. schoolboy_uce
    schoolboy_uce says:

    Just from the first episode it looks like the inclusion of O'Bannion will prompt Capone to become a major character. Hopefully Charlie Luciano and Lansky dynamic is explored further and the last screenshot looks eerily similar to the way in which Bugsy Siegel gets hit….I've wondered why they haven't included Siegel, since Luciano/Lansky/Siegel were close associates in real life… Looks interesting!

  6. Linh Nguyễn Duy
    Linh Nguyễn Duy says:

    I think I know why. Luciano was born in 1897, and Siegel was born in 1906. So according to the time of this series (about 1920), Siegel was just 14 years old! So I think he can show up if the series continue to that point.

    SHAUN DAVIS says:

    margaret is so annoying and i think at the end of this show jimmy is going to get the rum back to nucky hes going to find gyp rosetti and shoot the hell out of him because nucky was like his fater


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