Boardwalk Empire Season 3: Episode #8 Preview

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42 replies
    BIRISHPM says:

    Give us our show back! God, the pace of the last three episodes – awful. Let's go gang, pick up the pace. We need action! Enough of Margaret and her freakin moods and little psycho brat!

  2. Matt S
    Matt S says:

    No clips released. Good.

    There hasnt been enough Al Capone or Dean O'Bannion in this season. I greatly despise Gyp Rosetti as I thought differently when I heard of him, thinking maybe he'd be an admirable character. But of course not. The season is moving too slow when this was supposed to be the most explosive one so far, and Margarat is a cheating whore who only convinced herself she was gonna change when as a result she became even fucking worse. Great show, but season 2 was its prime.

  3. AnticDispossession
    AnticDispossession says:

    I'm betting Gillian will come to owe Nucky something. Nuck and Margaret will split somehow, and Billie Kent will be killed by Gyp to get at Nucky's organization. Nucky will have Gyp killed in Gillian's bordello by Gillian herself with a belt.

  4. Trikuza5
    Trikuza5 says:

    I dont miss jimmy at all. He spent one season crying about how he wasn't "the same boy that he was before the war," the next season he back-stabbed Nucky, and both seasons he fucked his own mom!

  5. Kieran Jackson
    Kieran Jackson says:

    Do… Nothing! That was a great moment for the show. i applaud it. HBO series are top notch! When I say it was a "defining" moment for the show, I mean, that moment MADE the show. It took the series to a whole new plateau…

  6. Major General Greene
    Major General Greene says:

    I disagree. Keeping Jimmy, the most interesting and fleshed out character alive would have been better. Jimmy was so much more interesting than Nucky that he was stealing the spotlight from the lead of the show. How to correct this? Kill jimmy! The writers screwed the pooch on this. I'm watching season 3 and haven't been very impressed so far. I also feel that the writers had such a tangle of a mess with how they turned Jimmy on Nucky that the only solution was to kill one of them off.

  7. Liciouzish
    Liciouzish says:

    This show isn't entirely fictional. Nucky dies in 1968, so killing him off is not an option. The writers have to follow the reality of some characters (Nucky, Capone, Lucky), and the way they approached the first two seasons the death of Jimmy was somewhat inevitable.

  8. BenAliGtor
    BenAliGtor says:

    Nucky Thompson is only "based upon" Nucky Johnson.Face it: they've already strayed way off of that reservation.

    The real life Nucky Johnson was never a gangster in the way the character has become. He would have harassed rivals by siccing city inspectors on them, but he would have never ordered a hit, let alone gunned down anyone himself.

  9. Dick Grayson
    Dick Grayson says:

    I would like to see Siegel and Lansky, featured on this show much more often. I'm glad that in tonight's BWE, they expanded on Chicago's underworld by bringing in Hymie Weiss. The actor that plays Weiss, looks just like real Weiss too.

  10. Dick Grayson
    Dick Grayson says:

    Now here's my "Mob Reaper's list" of possible characters that will soon be "fired" or become past tense on the show.

    Billie Kent (shes most likely a jigsaw after tonight's episode.)

    Gillian Darmody (she will probably last a little longer on the show, but will eventually be sent off.)

    Gyp "Demolition Man" Rosetti (same as Gillian, but may last longer depending on value to series.)

    Owen Slater (continues to crap where he eats, so its only a matter of time for him.)

  11. Caius Muse
    Caius Muse says:

    So glad Billie is gone, she was irritating! Gillian may be nuts, but least she's more interesting than all the women on this show. Come on BWE, need some more Richard H in there!

  12. cubedmack
    cubedmack says:

    Man, I've gotten over Jimmy. He's gone, so everybody needs to move on. Owen Slater's ass needs to go! Slater and Margaret will get caught soon and Nucky will take care of them. Nucky will find out about Gillian snitching to Gyp and get rid of her ass also. Next season Harrow will be Nucky's right hand man. Jimmy had to many issues and Slater thinks with the wrong head. Harrow is just a empty soul that is ready to die, so he just doesn't give a rats-ass.

  13. Dick Grayson
    Dick Grayson says:

    Agreed. You saw how Nucky reacted to the actor that was just kissing his mistress… Haha Could you imagine how he will react when he finds out that his muscle, has been banging his wife repeatedly?? Yea Owen will defiantly be "deported" from the face of the Earth. And Margret should at best get a few smacks on the mouth, and at worse probably get killed. And Richard isn't an empty soul, because he still has a heart. Richard is just a soldier that gets things done, but still has a conscience.


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