Boardwalk Empire Season 5: Trailer #1 (HBO)

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No one goes quietly. Boardwalk Empire returns for the fifth and final season Sunday, September 7 at 9PM, only on HBO.

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It’s HBO.

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26 replies
  1. miggizle85
    miggizle85 says:

    What happened? Did HBO lose the rights to the Killers song? Because that trailer is like completely gone now and now this trailer is the new "Trailer 1". Lol. Thats kinda funny

  2. Will Hardman
    Will Hardman says:

    Bit disappointed with the change in music, the Killers one had more meaning with the lyrics and went well with the video, HBO have made a bad decision to change the song, quite upset really.

  3. Redtonto13
    Redtonto13 says:

    Such a shame how the last season, which could have been the greatest of them all, wasn't. The Chalky storyline seemed so interesting and with some real atmosphere and writing, giving us the feels of the time and how hard it was for blacks and how they were treated, it could have been epic; but no, that story was over in 2 episodes. The fact that TWO iconic gangsters were killed off in the first episode was beyond! There could and should have been more focus on both, especially Maseria. But then the continued storyline was interesting to be honest. However though, and again, Al Capone was untouchable at this point. We spent most of the previous seasons watching him become untouchable – we could have saw him actually be untouchable in more episodes and bigger storylines.
    Then also the fact that Nucky was killed off, in which, in real life he wasn't. (However I know most of Nucky's storyline was improvised/written in around the actual individual and that he was killed by a written in character). Such a shame how it ended. Could have been so much more. Was one of the best shows on TV.


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