Broken Lance | #TBT Trailer | 20th Century FOX

The feisty, domineering cattle baron Matt Devereaux (Spencer Tracy) rules his vast empire with a ruthless hand. Because Matt’s greatest love id for his Indian wife, Princess (Katy Jurado) and their son Joe, Matt’s three sons from a previous marriage deeply resent them. After Joe agrees to go to jail for a crime his father commits, he returns three years later to a different world-his father has died and his vengeful brothers control the land.

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Broken Lance | #TBT Trailer | 20th Century FOX

12 replies
  1. Speed Racer
    Speed Racer says:

    Any film with Tracy is worth watching . This isn't a Western , its more like early 20th century . The scenery in the film is fantastic as well as the props . The Town is very well constructed  and no back screen either when they are rising in a carnage its all real behind them . The Mighty 50's with the " Epic 70 mm Films" back then . Too bad Hollywood always cheated the theater owners if so they would of had bigger screens but  times got rough as TV took over and that is why  theater chains  sell popcorn at $8 , they don't get a profit from a film till 3 weeks by then films are dried up .

  2. Michael Croes
    Michael Croes says:

    Dans le film " la lance brisée, il y a le numéro 1 avec le père qui meurt ! Mais je ne trouve plus le numéro 2 quand JOE le fils MÉTIS INDIEN sort de prison après 3 ans pendant que C frères sont devenus des notables !! Si quelqu'un l'aurait !? Grand merci !

  3. Roger Green
    Roger Green says:

    Being a lover of westerns, this one is a good one seen which I saw at the picture theatre was back in mid 1950's. It has a sterling cast. However, one glaring mistake is the references to Arizona as a State. The film is set in the early 1880's the main character Matt Devereaux being shows as passing away in 1886. It should have been referred to as a Territory as it did not become a state until 1912. But anyway great film.


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